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I had a good day today in a local Value Village A pair of Alden Shell Cordovan long wing (975) in color #8 A pair of suede Saint Laurent Rive Gauche wingtip (made in England) - Any idea of the maker ??
Quote: Originally Posted by asdf I just got two OCBD in tailored fit. I normally wear a 16.5-37 and sized down a half, to 16-37 as I plan on wearing them exclusively tieless, and wanted to ensure a slim fit. I'm very very pleased with the cut. For people who differentiate between "athletic" and "slim" i would say these are on the athletic side. I'll be buying one or two more before summer, i reckon. For reference I am an athletic 42L-ish...so the...
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen Tell him "make me look like an asshole". It will probably turn out pretty close.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm you are better off. +1000. I wish my wife didn't know about Cartier, Longchamp, Rolex...
According to forum's rules, I think you have to put a price. That said, I would be interested by the "3/2 by H.Freeman - sz 44". What is the overall condition ? No visible flaws ? Could you pm me a price including shipping to Canada (IF you ship to Canada, of course...)
They fit thrue to size. I am a 10D and they are 0.5 too big. I wear a 10D US in the "Jensen" and "Kenton" Santoni model and a 9E UK in the C&J 337 last.
Open to offers
So refreshing ! So amazing!!!
Another drop
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo Yes, you are 'worldwide' but somehow your postal system contrives to make it the most expensive place to ship in the world, that has been my experience and I'm sure many non-CONUS forum members will agree. As a matter of fact, I am not surprised... Our postal system is really crap! One of the most expensive and also the least efficient.
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