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[quote=The Deacon;2716951] Quote: Originally Posted by Petyot Are those 12D? Nope, they are 9D but they fit perfectly even if I am a 10D
Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 Holy crap!!! Those YSL's look new. They are not but they are in excellent condition. Some more pics of the Alden after I put some new laces and gave them some love...
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude not bad ... how much? I paid $9.99 Canadian dollars... .
My first pair of Alden. Found in a Value village today... I like them With new laces and some buffing :
Quote: Originally Posted by randob300 Two great pairs of shoes....I hope they were your size. Yes, both are my size
I had a good day today in a local Value Village A pair of Alden Shell Cordovan long wing (975) in color #8 A pair of suede Saint Laurent Rive Gauche wingtip (made in England) - Any idea of the maker ??
Quote: Originally Posted by asdf I just got two OCBD in tailored fit. I normally wear a 16.5-37 and sized down a half, to 16-37 as I plan on wearing them exclusively tieless, and wanted to ensure a slim fit. I'm very very pleased with the cut. For people who differentiate between "athletic" and "slim" i would say these are on the athletic side. I'll be buying one or two more before summer, i reckon. For reference I am an athletic the...
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen Tell him "make me look like an asshole". It will probably turn out pretty close.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm you are better off. +1000. I wish my wife didn't know about Cartier, Longchamp, Rolex...
According to forum's rules, I think you have to put a price. That said, I would be interested by the "3/2 by H.Freeman - sz 44". What is the overall condition ? No visible flaws ? Could you pm me a price including shipping to Canada (IF you ship to Canada, of course...)
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