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Drizabone is a great buyer He bought a coat from me a few weeks ago. Because of our #%$ing Canadian postal service, it took more than 2 months to deliver the coat in Australia. Drizabone has been very patient and had reacted very gentlemanly. Thanks!
I had excellent buying experience with the following sellers : Clintonf Whusurdadi WhateverYouLike Each time, everything was as described, well packaged and shipped very fast. Thanks!
Highgrade is a great seller. I received a jacket from him that was not as described. When I mentioned it to him, he immediately offers a full refund (including shipping cost) and send the money right away. Thanks
My wife is selling the following items : Saint James nautical t-shirt “Méridien II”. Size M (38). 100% carded cotton; heavyweight jersey. Main colour is navy with off-white stripes (called “Marine écru” in the catalogue: ). Measurements as follow: Chest: 40” Hem: 40” Length: 25” Sleeve length: 20” Excellent used condition; looks new (worn once or twice). Price asked: $40, $35 shipping to North America...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne GTFO! You can find this ish at Village des Valeurs? I thought great thrift finds were only to be had at certain Goodwill locations in the States. Enjoy your finds! Over the years, I have found Sutor Mantelassi , JM Weston, Church's, Florsheim and now some Alden. I have also found RLPL sweaters and Polos, Hermes Ties, Canali jackets, Louis Vuitton, Longchamp and Mandarina Duck purses... I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 Those are so beautiful I literally have nothing smarta$$ to say. That's the kind of thrift find you wear your entire life and then pass down to your son - and no one but you (and us) will ever know. Outstanding My son is already waiting but since he is only 3 years old, I have some time left... Thanks for the kind words
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Just the most typical casual outfit for a BCBG French guy - button down shirt under a crew neck sweater, jeans and a blouson. Now if you add the hair and rugby player face, he really looks French. If I had to guess, from the south west. Very good analysis.
Quote: Originally Posted by velomane Petyot, You have no idea how green with envy you've made me. What a spectacular find! Now, because of you, I have to make a trip tomorrow to my local Value Village in a futile attempt in finding something like that. Sorry PS : Keep in mind that I visit Value Village on a regular basis since 3 or 4 years and those Alden ranks among my very best find.
Quote: Originally Posted by chiamdream Holy shit - great score. Would easily fetch $200 on eBay. Enjoy 'em. Thanks. I will enjoy them.
Quote: Originally Posted by jessetk313 WOW those look great. I'd kill to find a pair in my size for 10 dollars! There wouldnt of happened to be a 9E or (.5 D there would there? They are 9D. But strange enough, they are perfect for my 10D feet.
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