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Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi that Hermes is sublime Thanks! Price drop
Longchamp handbag is sold. Price reduction on Hermes and Longchamp
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt I just wanted to update on that Nakachimi cassette deck I found. It's Nakamichi Some info there (and you can download the manual for free after registering) :
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Those Sutor Mantelassis are gorgeous! Thanks. I really like them.
My two best finds (both in a Value Village): Sutor Mantellassi found about 2 years ago Alden in shell cordovan found a few days ago
And the prices are ??
I have 6 pairs of Paraboot : 5 are sized 9 and 1 is sized a 8.5. I am a 10D. So I guess that +1 will be the norm.
I bought a pair of Sims from pg600rr. The transaction went very well. I would do business again with him. Thanks Pierre
I bought a wallet from Noel (nmerc001). Product was as described, shipping was fast. Nice and easy transaction. Thanks Pierre
Quote: Originally Posted by Incman Bought a few weeks ago + >2 months to ship = we are into the future. My brain just asploded. Unless I'm missing something, which in my case happen quite often. Bought 10 weeks ago, shipped 10 weeks ago (minus 1 day) and delivered yesterday (that's the "took_more_than_2_months_to_deliver" part). Numbers seems to be good.
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