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Quote: Originally Posted by Snidely Whiplash This is a woman's item, correct? No.
For sale a brand new in box Cartier burgundy wallet (no embossed logo on the outside). Stainless metal corner. Super soft leather!! Dimension : 19cm x 9,5cm x 1cm Inscription inside the first card slot : EKIL Made in France Asking price : SOLD Feel free to ask any question or request more pictures. Thanks Pierre
wrong message, sorry
Longchamp wallet is sold Price drop on Hermes agenda
Another transaction with Prajna12 for me. He is a great seller! Thanks! Pierre
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi that Hermes is sublime Thanks! Price drop
Longchamp handbag is sold. Price reduction on Hermes and Longchamp
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt I just wanted to update on that Nakachimi cassette deck I found. It's Nakamichi Some info there (and you can download the manual for free after registering) : http://www.hifiengine.com/manuals/na...i/bx-100.shtml
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Those Sutor Mantelassis are gorgeous! Thanks. I really like them.
My two best finds (both in a Value Village): Sutor Mantellassi found about 2 years ago Alden in shell cordovan found a few days ago
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