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Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH I'll see your black shoes; and I'll raise you my black shoes. Why do I have the feeling that it is a "Mine is bigger than yours" kind of answer ? Anyway... very nice collection.
I just bought a Canali suit (exclusive line in super 180) at Century 21 (downtown NY) for $699. If you have access to a Century 21, you may try there to find what you are looking for
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker ^ Deets on black front row, middle 2 and the brown pic front row third from left? Black middle 2 : C&J (left) and Santoni (right) Brown : Santoni
My black shoes : My brown (and burgundy) shoes And my suede shoes
[quote=lasbar;4361439] Quote: Originally Posted by Chrenetique 20 years ago , they were stil producing excellent products... Great buy... My 25 years old Lancel briefcase (still in very good condition)
Incotex, Pantherella and Alden :
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm paging bris / NORE ??
Lots of Brioni suits from Wilkes Bashford at C21 in Financial district. Also a pair of EG loafer in size 13 for $300 (regular of $1000)
Quote: Originally Posted by Guitar Preacher Some stuff over the past 3 days It's funny. I was listening to "The Legendary Okeh & Epic Recordings" exactly when I opened your message! Great recording.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zackb911 You don't want to send a gift payment or lose ANY protections when buying a Rolex or Pam online... Also use your credit card to fund the purchase so you have added protection. Also I would REALLY recommend only buying from within your country. I've seen far too many people get scammed, I got scammed on a watch once, luckily it was only several hundred dollars. +1
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