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Incotex, Pantherella and Alden :
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm paging bris / NORE ??
Lots of Brioni suits from Wilkes Bashford at C21 in Financial district. Also a pair of EG loafer in size 13 for $300 (regular of $1000)
Quote: Originally Posted by Guitar Preacher Some stuff over the past 3 days It's funny. I was listening to "The Legendary Okeh & Epic Recordings" exactly when I opened your message! Great recording.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zackb911 You don't want to send a gift payment or lose ANY protections when buying a Rolex or Pam online... Also use your credit card to fund the purchase so you have added protection. Also I would REALLY recommend only buying from within your country. I've seen far too many people get scammed, I got scammed on a watch once, luckily it was only several hundred dollars. +1
Interested, could you post some pictures ? Thanks
Very nice transaction with lyubm. I purchase a pair of shoes from him. Shipping was fast, packaging was perfect and the product was as described!! Thanks Pierre
I had a great transaction with Opermann. Excellent seller, product as described, good packaging and lightning fast shipping! Thanks Pierre
Quote: Originally Posted by clintonf I've wrapped each shoe in bubble wrap, then wrapped the entire box in bubble wrap and put them in a strong plastic bag. This is certainly not how they left me. Clint I bought a pair of shoes from Clint a few month ago. I can confirm that the packaging was exactly as described by Clint. The shoes were perfectly protected by the bubble wrap and they arrived in perfect condition (and I had no duties to...
Quote: Originally Posted by mike540 Hi, #1 is sold. #2 is currently on ebay with no bids yet but a few watchers, ending Jan 24. thanks Mike http://cgi.ebay.ca/Brioni-Traiano-Wo...item3a56dc01d0 Got that message from eBay : Unfortunately, access to this particular item has been blocked due to legal restrictions in some countries. We are blocking your viewing in an effort to prevent restricted items from being displayed. Regrettably, in...
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