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Casual friday at work
100% fake. You just have to look at the subdial. Those watches are supposed to be Chronograph so the subdials shouldn't display calendar function...
Quote: Originally Posted by somethingclever Seconded. This big watch phase makes the wearer look either insecure, nearsighted or both. I am nearsighted but I am also 6'1" and weight 210 pounds. So anything smaller than 38/40mm looks like a child toy on me. Now if you are 5'6" and weight 150 pounds wet, you are right, 34mm looks better
Quote: Originally Posted by fa21212 Can you please give me suggestions or web sites if I want to get slim fit shirts for work (I work in finance in an investment firm) for a reasonable price, hopefully $50 or less per shirt. Slim fit, ready-to-wear shirts have worked well in the past, but open to other suggestions if there are good values in the MTM space. I live in San Francisco and would prefer a retail store to a web site, but willing to go through a...
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH I'll see your black shoes; and I'll raise you my black shoes. Why do I have the feeling that it is a "Mine is bigger than yours" kind of answer ? Anyway... very nice collection.
I just bought a Canali suit (exclusive line in super 180) at Century 21 (downtown NY) for $699. If you have access to a Century 21, you may try there to find what you are looking for
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker ^ Deets on black front row, middle 2 and the brown pic front row third from left? Black middle 2 : C&J (left) and Santoni (right) Brown : Santoni
My black shoes : My brown (and burgundy) shoes And my suede shoes
[quote=lasbar;4361439] Quote: Originally Posted by Chrenetique 20 years ago , they were stil producing excellent products... Great buy... My 25 years old Lancel briefcase (still in very good condition)
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