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Can anyone proxy for the down jacket with leather panels? Thanks!
Finally deciding to entire wardrobe. Looking for outerwear suggestions for the fall, thinking of the Barbour Chelsea but heard it isnt very fitted. I'm a size S in BoO Barbour Chelsea -...
Rust vs Cordovan in the 1000 boot?
Which Wolverine 1000s boot does everyone recommend? Looking to get a pair of winter boots (not heavy winter) Possibly looking to wear around the office. Thanks.
I agree, still. Bought the car all in last year for ~$40k, depreciation must be insane for it to be worth only $26k a year later.Going private party, dealers are selling this car for ~35k-36k on autotrader. If a year ago I could have gotten a '12 A4 w/ 20k miles for $26k I would have done so in a heartbeat, 26k is ridiculous.
Ugh, trying to sell my '13 A4 on it, perfect condition w/ navvy, and Carmax offers $26k...fucking joke.
Ugh...why are so many sizes sold out online..
These cars arent 50k after taxes, maintenance, packages, etc. My A4 with nav came out to $45k after tax...and S4 would be 10k more. You dont want to be the guy who has a Merc but too cheap to buy any options at all.
Can anyone please post the outsole length for a 8.5 sized AE Strand? Looking to make a purchase but not near an AE store...I normally wear 9.5 in Nikes and an 8.5 in Carminia (which has a bit of heel slippage). Thanks!
Lazio in blue! Instant-buy. I have the tux, the shoulder just seem a tiny bit roped until they flatten out (if thats even possible). Just got back from alterations from my tailor and its perfect, great buy.
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