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New pics, sorry guys!
Sorry, been trying since last night to make this work...if all else fails I guess I'll attach it.
Hey all, I just received my SS tux today and tried it on, please excuse my terrible pictures (I just moved and do not have access to a full length mirror) and the lack of a bowtie, general dirtiness of everything... My thoughts are I am ok with the fit in general, pants are fine, I can take in the waist a bit at the tailor. But how do all of you feel about the shoulders? Somehow I feel they are peaking/roping slightly? The listed shoulder measurement is larger than I...
Awesome responses guys, much appreciated. I think I will just go for the tux then. Been searching around a bit, what is the state of the cummerbund? Im a young guy 25 (not sure if that matters), and been getting conflicting opinions on cummberbund vs none...
Whats everyone's opinion on the Tux package from SS? Wedding in 2 months and about to pull the trigger...finally. http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/eveningwear_package/tuxedo-pure-wool-black---complete-set/TuxedoBundle_P1109ae.html?start=1&cgid=Eveningwear_Package I do have a black bowtie already, bought it years ago at a BB outlet...and my black captoes are pretty beat up so was thinking on pulling the trigger on this?
Ive lurked around a bit on people who have been in my situation. Normally if someone cant even afford basic insurance its doubtful they can pay up. Read plenty of stories of people winning cases but unable to get any money out of the defendant, they end up even deeper in the hole due to legal fees. Feel free to let me know if you think otherwise, it sucks to be out money when you pay your insurance and do everything right...
My balls are so big wearing briefs hurts.
Some bitch rear ended me today. She doesn't have insurance and I have full coverage, but insurance wont do shit about it until it hits the 1k deductible. Fucking bullshit someone can hit you and get off scot free.
Yes. More.
Picture?Picture? I was thinking of getting the shirt...
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