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If you find out where he's working, please do update this thread!
I need help! I've been going to Franz for the past five years and have no complaints. He is expensive, but the work has been excellent. However, it seems he is no longer around--his place on Geary has been cleaned out and the phone is disconnected. Other than Oxford, who is still around in the city (or close enough to it) and does the best work? Thanks in advance....
I'm looking for a waistcoat. I purchased a tuxedo with satin lapels, but it didn't come with any waist covering. I bought a cummerbund from Kent Wang to complete the look, and I have no issues with it. However, I do want a satin waistcoat in case I prefer that look (never tried it) or to at least have the option. The problem is, I can't find one by the tuxedo maker (Canali). I read up on Brooks Brothers selling one, but the reviews are that the fit is horrible. ...
Please post pics! I bought Pusateris when I went out there for my honeymoon and don't get to wear them that often living in San Francisco.....
It was actually kind of hard finding waistcoats online, but I ended up at http://www.pakeman.co.uk/category/223/Formal_Waistcoats and I was definitely happy with it.
This was pretty much my thinking when choosing wedding attire. I wanted to do morning dress but figured it would come off more as a costume than traditionally elegant (in San Francisco in 2012 at least).Your traditional options for waistcoat are pretty much buff, dove gray, powder blue, and light pink. Buff and gray seem to be most popular by a wide margin with pink probably being very rare.
I was trying to emulate traditional British morning dress but wanted it to be practical and reusable--swapped a navy suit for the morning coat and cashmere striped trousers.
From my wedding at the end of 2012. Sporting Kent Wang's shepherd's check tie and silver knot cuff links.
Who makes the tie in the second picture?
Turns out I will be getting a different set--I think it's my best option at this point. Those studs look great Andy. Are they MOP? Good to see a good looking bay area couple.....
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