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Sadly, there is a huge stigma attached to firearms here. I don't like to bring it up with strangers either because I get tired of being judged and fielding the same questions and biases over and over again. I've also got to check out Phoenix. I work just off Whyte and trips to Spruce Grove just aren't happening with my busy schedule.
Which range do you frequent? I'm a member at Spruce Grove Gun Club. Just got my licence last December, but haven't managed to get out there much with life happening and all.
Working in accounting is boring; in my opinion at least. Using accounting information as a tool to solve business problems, on the other hand, is another matter entirely. I was lucky enough to land a position in an insolvency and restructuring / bankruptcy trustee firm right out of school. Very interesting stuff and requires much more time pressure, resourceful thinking, negotiation, etc. We spar with creditors, debtors, and their lawyers daily. I do work at a small...
Hi guys, I've been a lurker for a while and for some reason only noticed this thread now. But hey better late then never! Edmonton may be a sartorial wasteland, but I still like it for the most part. I work just one block off Whyte so hit me up if you're in the area.
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisjr Thank you. Might look into buying online and having it shipped to Canada as well, not sure if that would bypass any problems. It's such a pain in the ass shooting up here I might just give it up 'til I move to the States anyhow. Was up at my grandfather's farm on Saturday shooting my remington 870 and savage .22 with another buddy who's got his licence and the police showed up. Said they were letting us off lightly...
I just graduated this year at age 23 and will snag an entry level job at an accounting firm. With income from other sources (owned business and investments), I expect my earnings to be $100K on the low end and $150K on the high end. Will be pulling in $200K+ in a few years in a cautiously optimistic scenario. As a typical Asian boy, I was pushed to become a doctor or lawyer, but obviously there are other roads to riches and I make sure to remind my parents that I make...
thigh, leg opening measurements on the 30s please?
OP, for that amount it doesn't matter all too much where you put it. Just stick it in a solid mutual fund or ETF while you learn more. You might also need the money for a car or house relatively soon (<3 years) and if so, the stock market might not be a good place. Don't pay attention to the nice cars in Florida. They'll only lure you to unnecessarily risky investments and get rich quick crap. Casual investing won't make you super rich. Modest gains and a comfortable life...
^ YES. I'm exclusively tupperware for practicality, but they just don't do wood and blued steel like they used to.
Quote: Originally Posted by add911_11 Yes, for a pound more.... FAIL
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