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Biberach , I don't know what you decided about the shoes but I like them quite a bit. I have several pairs of the Scribe line and from what I can tell from the pictures those look very close maybe a little sleeker as the Scribe line is can be a little clunky in some styles . I am thinking that their shoes made in Switzerland are quite nice regardless of the line. I think those shoes word look great with slacks and a good alternative to a cap toe. I vote for you to purchase...
I have six pairs of Sutors from STP and Shop the Finest and each and everyone has been marked only with the EU size.
Here is my experience ; I have several beautiful hats from Optimo , really nice but expensive. I have also taken a few ebay buys to them and they come back beautiful and I have much less invested in them than the more or less $500.00 of the usual custom hat . Graham's ( Optimo ) Panamas as well as his other straw offerings are some of the worlds finest and cost accordingly . The finest examples of Panamas and Milans I have ever seen have been in his shop. My most...
Non Rowenta suggestions please.
My third Rowenta just died. Loved the iron when it worked but each one has given me a shorter life span than the one before. I think they are not made as well as in the past. I would like to know what people here are using as well.
Hey Dreamspace , three years ago i picked up a nice Black Label ( Anthony ) single breast peak lapel black suit at the big annual Ralph Lauren sale. I bought it because I had been attending quite a few black tie optional fund raising events and wanted the option of something a bit more comfortable and casual when a tuxedo was not really needed.It has served it's purpose in that regard ( think your kids' school fund raising events and such). I would not have bought it if...
Perhaps a style that has a short waist such as a cafe racer . Lot's of cool vintage jackets all the time on ebay. Schott , Vanson , Belstaff all make classics.
Those two hats are to hats what the leisure suit is to suits.
If you can't wear it with a sweater or sweatshirt it does not fit and you'll never wear it. Return it , maybe the sleeves can be adjusted on the XL.
Greg , they run small. I wear a 40s in suits but in a Belstaff jacket I am a large. I have one that is a 44 that fits tightly and a 46 which fits great with a sweatshirt underneath (leather). I have had to give away two very nice ebay buys because I could not wear them comfortably , one a leather sized 42 , another was a cordora like fabric which i forget what it is called which was sized medium. I have several (8) in different fabrics so I kind of know what talking about.
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