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but I found this while googling that outkast song referenced in one of the posts, and decided I needed to share:
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod Do they make RTW in your size?
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyLaw Just buy unhemmed trousers and have them hemmed to your preferred length. Wow, you totally answered his question.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar The navy slip on look like shoes people are wearing in mental hospital when they are allowed to go to the park for a walk with their relatives... You clearly don't listen to Animal Collective.
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 What's so wrong with them? They're incredibly over-priced. I've gotten nicer shoes at H&M for $9. Also, the whole donating shoes concept is stupid. It's not like people evolved to wear shoes, people all over the world choose to walk barefoot. Also, if you were incredibly poor and malnourished, and it takes an extreme act of charity for you to get what may be the only pair of shoes you'll ever own,...
I think you're confused, he's definitely more of a corn-cob.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles That's what she said. Sent from my iPad. Someday we'll all have gleaming chrome and glass dicks. The one thing I would buy AppleCare for.
All you small timers need to shut the fuck up. If does something you better respect him for it. @ Foo: I also get the concept, and am always tempted to buy a pack of Cohiba cigarillos when I am overseas. However I never do (and I think this is the reason most people don't) because anywhere I'd smoke one of these would involve lots of people (cafes, etc.) and lots of people get pissy about cigar smoke (and Clove-smoke). If you're smoking privately chances are...
The Apple store looks nicer than that nasty thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas oh, no, it's not in my office. it's where i keep the scotch in the living room. which i drink neat, so no ice required anyways. We have one of those in my (honors) dormitory. It's just sitting in one of the lounges by a couch and table. I'm always tempted to put my empty bottles in it.
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