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Quote: Originally Posted by willpower CertainDri - you put it on the night before. Needs 2-3 applications in the beginning before you start seeing it work, but then you're bone dry. +1 Certain Dri (non-prescription and available in your local drug store, contains the same active ingredient as the prescription stuff suggested by Rebel222) is the way to go. It is amazing how well aluminum chloride works in comparison to traditional products...
Price drop.
Price drops
Bump. Anyone have experience with the Hartmann leathers?
IMO the Harris Tweed is head and shoulders above the rest.
I've tried something new this year with a couple of cheaper pair of shoes that I use for rain/snow (I don't like carrying around overshoes or the look). I've applied generous amounts of Obenauf's Leather Oil to these shoes. The theory I'm testing is the more Leather Oil the leather absorbs the less water they can absorb. Only had them through a few rains/snows but so far so good. Shoes have been very water resistant and no salt staining whatsoever. In the past I've...
I'm considering a Hartmann folio (other suggestions in this price range would also be appreciated). Hartmann offers folios in three tiers of leather: Belting @ $230, Capital Collection @ $165 and Aviator @ $135. Descriptions from website below. I definitely think I'd be happy with the quality of the Belting Leather. However I'm wondering if I might be as happy with one of the other lines and be able to save a few bucks at the same time. If anyone has experience with...
Drops on: Martegani, 2 pairs of Florsheims, Barrie
Drop to $95
Looking for solids; no patterns. Let me know if you've got them or know where I could get them. I've bought a few pairs in the $100-$120 range so I would be looking for a price in that ballpark. Thanks!
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