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Bump for drops on Hickey Freeman and Brioni.
Bump for price drops on Huntsman and Samuelsohn
Bump for price drops on the Barrie Shell Cordovan shoes and the two pairs of Florsheims.
Quote: Originally Posted by ktrp They were making fun of you because normally YOU never wear color. Ask yourself honestly if a solid purple tie is a departure from office norms, or your personal norms. This is what I thought when I read your post. If you typically dress like a typical worker bee and then one day show up dressed differently, people will take notice and comment. I think change in one's wardrobe should be gradual. Given my...
Price drops on the Gravati, Polo (x2) and Peal/C&J shoes.
Bump for new items (Huntsman and Samuelsohn)
Quote: Originally Posted by socialdtk I'm 21 and living in North Carolina. I plan on beating the charge if possible but it doesn't seem likely that I will. The lawyers I've talked to so far have said I have between a 10% and 40% chance of winning. That makes the $2000+ fee for fighting the case not very appealing. I'd get a lawyer. It's not a win / not win scenario. There are other possible outcomes (e.g. pleading to a lesser charge such...
Quote: Originally Posted by Unrefinery My watch for small-timer days is a Timex Easy Reader. I bought it at Target on sale for $23 and replaced the strap with a nice glove leather band for $12. It's beautiful and simple and I like it. Quote: Originally Posted by imwithtuxedo Found this exact watch on the bay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Timex-Mens-T2001...#ht_594wt_1119 usual disclaimer, not mine, don't know...
I'm in the same boat. I want a Hartmann Belting Leather one but they sell for $250 and I cannot justify that right now. I don't have experience with Saddleback leather but there are some others here who speak highly of them. They offer a "notepad holder" for $140. Link here. The Saddleback aesthetic isn't for me (too rugged) but maybe it will appeal to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mblova Groom at 1324 Locust +1 I go to Groom. Must call ahead for an appointment. I'd recommend scheduling something with Joe, the owner. If for some reason you can't get an appointment with Joe you have two other choices: there's a newer guy, I think his name is Frank, and a lady who looks extremely butch. As repulsive as she looks, the butch one seems to do good work. Also, I'd suggest you print out a the...
New Posts  All Forums: