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I think you guys are right. I was probably getting mixed up with overseas fish and farmed. I remember walking by a famous place in Japan that specializes in making the miso-zuke using all overseas fish. Not just for the cod, but for their whole showcase.
Those type of dishes are pretty easy to make though. Just buy miso-zuke or if you like sake flavor, get kasu-zuke and grill up the fish. I bet a place like Nobu just uses farmed anyway (as even most Japanese shops only sell farmed), but if you look you can get a much better piece of fish than what somewhere like Nobu uses (of course I don't know in the States). Also, the grilling technique at somewhere like Nobu is not going to be anything special (same quality as doing it...
^^ "Godzilla Rolls"
I think I would rather have a California roll
haha...good one I think the point with the egg, etc. is that if you can tell the general quality of the place, you don't have to get ripped off by ordering a whole course or sit through something you don't want to eat for a long time.
Yes, a lot of people say look for the egg, but I wonder if that is a good barometer because the egg is usually served towards the end . Also, some say try the anago, because it takes more preparation and is more difficult to shape into beautiful sushi. I used to order anago first so that I can see the skill of the chef, but since anago is one of the most heavy sushi, it's not really a good plan. Now, I just try the gari (the ginger sides), because better places take the...
Every time someone wants to talk about real sush in a sushi thread, they are eventually called a snob, but I don't think that is fair. It is like starting a burger thread in Japan, and when someone suggests discussing real burgers instead of yucky rice burgers and teriyaki burgers, he is called a snob.
There's almost too much to see in Kyoto, but for sights I recommend to at least check out the following: Nijo Castle: get an idea of how the Shogun lived in Kyoto. Although he didn't use the place much, it is rare to be able to see a castle/residence still intact, as most of them around Japan were bombed or burned down for some reason. Katsura Imperial Villa: Modern architects received a lot of influence from this house. Kiyomizu Temple: looks to me like this is...
As a chef you probably get the chance to see more drones than I have. You just don't get the opportunity to see them much as a customer.
The original discussion was about Japanese knife skills, and I would be surprised if you didn't encounter knife skills as good or better than what you saw with Morimoto when you visited Japan.Actually, you don't get it. Not many are offended by his "style." They just don't think he is that great skill-wise. There is a whole genre of Japanese food similar to Morimoto's style. It is called "Sosaku Washoku" in Japanese. There are millions of restaurants that do sosaku, so I...
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