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Ah I see...forgot about that. Maybe the plan is to receive the prize money then run out during the season.
^^ 1. Alonso missing the race due to just a concussion means that they think Honda will not be doing well for a while. If Alonso thought they would quickly be up to speed he would race to get as many points as possible. 2. I wonder what merit there is to continue F1 without any testing whatsoever and continue to burn cash. If they actually have money and resources, wouldn't it be better to take a year off and develop a serious car then come back and score some actual points?
The new Ferrari California is probably a preview of what the turbocharged engines will be like. It doesn't sound bad, but not that great either.
Well every country in the world is not currently at war or many do not have a major terrorist threat to counter, so technically I may be wrong, but you can't possibility believe that if a country faced similar stakes as the U.S., they would just keep asking the prisoners how they would like their steaks done?
Yes the house is "in the landscape", but other than using the stones for the external it just seems like a closed off space with only a few small windows to see or be connected with the vast surroundings.
I think it will be difficult for Mclaren too, but if all things go well they could fight for 2nd best. This year the 2nd best battle was between Williams and Red Bull. Williams isn't known for making consistently good cars these days so who knows if they will be as strong next year. Red Bull still uses Renault power, which will probably end up being the weakest power plant on the grid along with Ferrari. If Honda comes in with something much better than Ferrari and...
In this modern day and age, I don't understand why the CIA didn't know that feeding the prisoners steak and playing ping pong with them would have gotten them all the info they needed. So instead of making a facility like Guantanimo, they should build something like Dave and Busters down there and make sure they serve good steak.
^^ talking to the terrorist, discussing, or asking them probably didn't work either. That's why they tried some more harsh methods. Any country would have done this, not just the U.S. The difference is that U.S. pretends like it has higher morals than everyone else, when in reality every country in the world has, is doing, or will do the same.
I thought they would go with Magnussen too, just for the reason that it was a good excuse for Button to retire anyway. I guess since Button and Magnussen were pretty evenly matched it made sense to go with Button for his experience which could help in developing the car. Plus he already has former experience working with the Honda guys. Alonso is probaby .3~.5 seconds quicker than Button so that alone is worth a lot of money.
There is no such thing as a country that does not engage in torture in this world. The only difference is that the U.S. pretends to be one of the few countries in the world that has morals and the others don't pretend so well.
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