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I still think it has little do with narrowing the performance gap between teams. When I look back, I actually enjoyed F1 the most when Mclaren was dominating with Senna/Prost and probably when Shumacher was quick with Ferrari. The teams weren't close then, so there is no need to try to artificially narrow the performance gap between the teams. The main difference back then was probably it was easier to follow cars closely (like lower formula and karting) so you saw good...
The drivers are saying pretty much what we've been saying here
I was curious so looked up a Japanese site that said the following are good for cutting boards: Cypress Hiba ginkgo paulownia willow zelkova magnolia (not sure if the names are correct English as I just put them through online translator)
I think Hamilton and Nico are in the same league when it comes to speed and racing, but Hamilton has the slight edge. One area where Nico is better is fighting outside of the car. For example his tactic to deliberately go off track in Monaco qualifying so that Hamilton could not post another time...this is the type of tactic that Nico can come up, but Hamilton would not think of...putting sportsmanship aside, this is something that Nico is better at than Hamilton. I think...
I don't cook much, but is there any situation when you have to put a hot pot/pan from the oven/stove directly onto the countertop?
I don't know how good they are, but in Japan they do sell woks that are for IH. Also on gas, most home cooks use the ring adjustment which probably helps a bit, but still not as good as restaurants:
Try to keep the soy sauce in a cool/dark place without direct sunlight. The point is to avoid big temperature changes, so if that's difficult you can just put it in the fridge.The kezuri-ki is a little difficult...if you use one you can get a more fresh aroma (kind of like freshly grounded coffee) but it is difficult to get the thinness which is very important (the thinner the better). Also it requires frequent adjustment which can be a pain. The best solution is to order...
I think it would be a gate for a villa/estate, definitely not for the average home.I don't know much about the structural engineering, but there is a style without the elaborate roof. I think they were going for something like this below, but being foreign, made it more elaborate. Kind of like Japanese knives made for the overseas market...the design features are exaggerated.
Wow, they don't make em like that even in Japan these days. Very nice!
Totally agree. I really think they need to stop giving penalties for racing, then wonder why there isn't much racing.I wonder what Alonso is thinking now that the Ferrari can challenge for wins?
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