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Wow, they don't make em like that even in Japan these days. Very nice!
Totally agree. I really think they need to stop giving penalties for racing, then wonder why there isn't much racing.I wonder what Alonso is thinking now that the Ferrari can challenge for wins?
When I clicked on the Mansell era video, I as expecting to see them struggle with the cars more, but when you look at the driving, they actually don't look THAT much more difficult to drive in comparison to modern F1. Look at the steering inputs and he is pretty smooth on the steering...the main difference is that the there is so much vibration going directly into the cockpit, which is pretty much eliminated in modern F1. Aside from that, I still think sound is the big...
If you look at the onboard comparisons posted above you can see that the older cars are much slower and sluggish in the corners in comparison to the modern cars. The older cars actually look slower than high category karts from the drivers point of view, but the older cars seem much more exciting due to the vibrations and especially the sound. Towards the end of the Mansell battle, you hear the commentator say "just listen to that Ferrari..." then keeps quiet for a...
In addition to the sound, maybe they need to take another look at the fuel savings concept too. Before this new formula started, I thought we would see the fuel play a major role in the racing, adding to the thrill, but in reality we don't see what's going on behind the scenes that much, and it seems the drivers cope pretty easily on a tank of gas. Maybe instead of pretending to care about the environment, they should eliminate the fuel savings concept and put the as much...
I think the core of the problem is that the cars are getting boring, not so much the actual racing. If you think about it, F1 was never really that exciting when it comes to the actual racing. Sometimes there were very good battles, but most of the time it was just cars going around the circuit chasing the dominant team (depending on the point in F1 history the dominant team was Mclaren, Williams, Ferrari, Red Bull, or now Mercedes). I know sound seems like a...
http://www.topgear.com/uk/jeremy-clarkson/clarkson-leaving-03-1999 just go directly to the source
It all looks very nice, but it would be even better if there was more variety in the way they plate their food. These days it seems like many restaurants are heavily influenced by Japanese plating, but maybe they should incorporate more patterns.
At least they don't have to worry about the neighbors peeking all the time since it looks like they are all dead.
Ah I see...forgot about that. Maybe the plan is to receive the prize money then run out during the season.
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