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I see...that makes sense.
I may be wrong, but I think I heard commentary during the last race saying that Haas might go with Dallara to design/construct the chassis. So my impression is that they are basically very similar to an Indy Car or Japanese top formula team which buys the chassis from someone like Dallara, buys the rest of the parts from different suppliers, then all the team does is customize/tune all these different components of the car. To me it sounds like Indy Car system of producing...
Yeah, I guess you guys are right, but it seemed in the old days customer style cars were more taboo in F1 and you were strongly criticized for not designing your own chassis. Now with Haas, it seems like they are taking it to next level and bringing in an Indy Car like system, buying everything including the chassis from other manufacturers, then just tuning the package. Isn't that what all the lower formula series do? Now that F1 is not that much faster, or not much more...
Once they go down this route, soon a team will be able to say they are a constructor if they develop their own front wing or something like that. In that case, what would make F1 any different from some of the lower formula series? Spectacle-wise F1 is not that much better than the lower cars now, so I think it's a bad idea and will lead to turning off fans in the long run. BTW - Button confirmed for 2016. Now let's see how the Red Bull engine stuff turns out...very...
It's nice to have Haas come into F1, but I agree that maybe F1 is starting a dangerous precedent by letting them buy everything from other manufacturers. Basically they are diluting the idea of F1 being a constructors champtionship and moving it more towards customer cars...which sounds like a good idea for saving escalating costs, but in the end will make F1 more and more like the lower formula series.
You just summed up exactly why it's a great idea in the eyes of politicians.
The point is the sales tax increase will be used to lower the upper bracket taxes and corporate taxes, but since the lower 50% of the population will still be paying no income tax, the politicians won't lose their votes.
IMO the trend we are seeing all over the world is to offer no income tax for 50%+ of the country in order to gain/keep votes, but somehow add on higher sales tax so that in the end everyone is paying. I think it's a good idea, because for lower income people who spend all their money, the sales tax rate indirectly becomes their income tax rate.
I was thinking the same thing, plus I think VW relies on China for about 20%+ of their earnings and since China is a big question mark right now it adds even more future risk.
Now the story is that Red Bull is going to sell to VW group and Red Bull will just remain as a major sponsor role, while VW will develop the engine for use around 2018. The team is now trying to get Ferrari engines to use in the meantime. That move should make an interesting mix if they can sort out the rules and details on spicing up the formula as a whole. Now we might have 5 manufacturers in F1: Mercedes Ferrari Renault Honda VW
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