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a) You're talking about Morimoto, they guy from Iron Chef TV show, right? If so, it is not bullshit at all.b) I guess it depends on what type of skill. He knows (and admits) he's not that good skill-wise (I am not saying he is bad either), but very good at presenting Japanese food in a way that is tastes good to Americans. I've heard him say that Americans have dumb palates, so all you have to do is make the food a bit sweet (and I agree ).
It is rare, but a few Japanese people do it too (although it is considered bad manners). Keep in mind that someone like Morimoto is just playing to the American market, and doing a good job of that, but he's not a particularly good Japanese chef or well cultured as far as Japanese are concerned.
Vettel hasn't had to take as much risk as the other drivers, because he has usually been in front of the points race.
Yes, in Japan it is bad manners, although some people do it.
^^ In general Chinese chopsticks are more difficult to handle than Japanese, although I am sure Hermes in nice. Also, square tips are not necessarily better for picking up food.
I think Japanese chopsticks are the easiest to use. The type of wood you decide is just personal preference (and perhaps formality). In my opinion, the huge difference is in the tips of the sticks. Chopsticks made by real craftsmen have slightly different tips, and it is extremely easy to pick up food. 99% of chopsticks are probably mass made and do not compare to ones made a good craftsman. It's not really how beautiful they make the decoration, but how good they carve...
The large gap between Hamilton - Button, Alonso - Massa, Rosberg - Shumacher is interesting.
There is no health hazard. They are made from "konyaku" potatoes. Shirataki is shaped like a noodle, but not really used like other typical noodles. It is just put in hot pots, like iammatt suggested. Konyaku is popular as a diet food in Japan though, so I guess Shirataki would be good as well. Konyaku has similar flavor and texture as shirtaki, but is more like a whole block (like tofu), rather than shaped like a noodle.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 Other animals aside from humans can be people, there is already a significant indication that dolphins and elephants are people. Of course they are a different culture and have bizarre mannerisms compared to us, but that does not disregard them as being a community of people; it's just a lack of understanding by humans since our communications are so different. Their absence of hands and arms altered their path of...
Quote: Originally Posted by KJT With what?!? I don't remember from the documentary, but after a quick search I think it might be carbon monoxide. Apparently it is common to treat fish with the chemical to maintain the freshness (or make it appear fresh).
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