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Just finished watching the race and realized that most of the excitement in watching F1 was in the anticipation of the championship and with that settled the racing is actually really boring. I had to watch the race at 1.5x speed since it was obvious there would be no passing and I couldn't bare watching the cars going around in single file at normal playback speed.
I admire their commitment. Instead of opting for a 2nd class Ferrari or Mercedes unit, seems like they are trying to build themselves a first class one. I wonder how much more cost they are taking on by having to develop their own engine?
Formula E is watchable, but to me it seems like they are about the same speed as junior formula cars and it is usually more exciting watching Formula 3 or lower formula races. Also instead of hiring ex-F1 drivers based on their speed on track, they should start hiring drivers who are the quickest to change cars
Even worse U.S. news: http://gas2.org/2015/11/11/formula-e-officially-more-popular-than-formula-1/ If F1 is more boring than Formula E, there is a big problem.
+1 I liked the 80s system because there was a human element to lapping. It was fun watching some drivers being really cooperative while others even blocked on purpose depending on the relationship of the drivers off circuit.
Of course, total speculation...but from comments made by Bernie and Horner I think it is safe to speculate that there was an actual gentleman's agreement made between all of the them in some private meeting. Pending a few details to be sorted out I think everyone in that meeting thought that was the direction things would proceed. With this gentleman's agreement (of course not formalized) Horner/Red Bull proceeded to tell Renault to go screw themselves, and Toto/Lauda took...
By "deal" I mean gentleman's agreement between Toto/Lauda, Horner, and Ecclestone. Basically an agreement was made between them and they just needed to hash out a few details before they formalized this. I think it's reasonable to assume that between the time the agreement was made and was going through the process of being formalized, the Mercedes heads/board decided differently. After they decided to back out, Toto/Lauda used the excuse described in the article above.
I think that's just an excuse by Mercedes to back out of the deal. Probably a deal was made between Toto/Lauda, Horner, and Ecclestone, but the Mercedes company heads decided differently and they had to back out. Red Bull not getting back to Toto on the small points in time is just an excuse as something minor like that would not make a deal fall through unless there was something else major going on behind the scenes.
I was watching the Sky coverage and Martin Brundle called it correctly in real time.
I don't mind that much about the privacy aspect and when I do I just take extra measures to protect it where I can. Personally I don't think it's the advertising that's the problem, it's that all this data will be used to create various forms of artificial intelligence. I guess in a sense the advertising is a very simple form of this. In time (or maybe already happening) this will all be able to control you (or parts of you) without you even knowing because the data being...
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