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I see. From the pics though it looks like only 1 out of all the sushi doesn't have anything on it (that's why I thought "Californian" style). I wonder if the soy sauce is actually hand made, because it would be actually better just to buy good sauce (the reward is not worth the effort, plus soy beans in the U.S. are not very good). Homemade ponzu is better than buying.
^^ looks like a new "California" version of sushi with all the oils and sauces on every piece.
I don't think there is anything wrong with team orders, but I think it was extremely poor judgement by team to use the words "...is faster than you" so early in the season, and right after Massa came over from Ferrari. The realistic potential to gain any positions was slim, but the loss of trust between the team/driver was huge IMO.I agree it's nice to see to see the drivers having to manage the power. That's how F1 should be.The noise is so-so, but nothing special.The...
Very nice. Never been to that restaurant, but it's famous for the squid (the whole area is). The uni was probably a local variety, which is a bit different from Hokkaido, but still very good. I wonder why you didn't like it so much?
Like you said, Red Bull was definitely the surprise. Considering they are about 1~2 tests behind, maybe they will catch up quicker than anticipated? What do you guys think of this pecking order so far (in terms of the car potential):1. Mercedes2. Red Bull3. Williams, Mclaren4. Ferrari, Force India, STR5. Sauber, Lotus6. Caterham, MarussiaI don't think Button is slowing down. He was never super quick in qualifying and usually about a .5sec slower than Hamilton. They...
The 2nd one looks nice and fresh and good deal at 1,700Yen. The top one looks so-so. Maybe it was good, but not served very fresh?
+ 1 on the sound. When a lot of cars were out, they did sound a bit better than I thought, but still a bit "lawnmower like." I think Brundle summed it up best when he said something like, "the cars sound OK and I like the sounds, but we just need more of it."Kimi vs Alonso: I always thought and still think Alonso is about .250~.5 faster than Kimi. It probably doesn't help that the cars are still new and we can't assume that both cars in equal condition. There are so many...
you probably have the opportunity to eat the best SB uni (fresh and good quality), but mediocre Japan uni. Whatever uni you had from Japan maybe wasn't in it's best condition or it wasn't so great to begin with. They are both good uni, but when you compare best SB vs best Japan the difference is like USDA choice vs prime.
SB uni is very good for the price. You can get a whole package full of SB uni for about the same price as one piece of Hokkaido. If you're making pasta or something, SB uni is probably better. Hokkaido bafun uni has better flavor and texture for sushi though.
^^ good point. Haven't thought of that. Edomae just means something like "Tokyo style" (Tokyo used to be called "Edo" in the samurai days). Today, the main characteristics of Edomae is that the fish are supposed to come from Edowan (Tokyo bay area) and each piece of fish is supposed have some work done it by the sushi chef (like curing or additional cutting, etc.). Also, the sauce is already put on by the chef rather than the customer dipping himself. The edomae rules are...
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