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All the insults are very funny, but it just makes it more obvious that you probably don't know enough to make a decent reply.
I wonder why you posted a monkfish video as an example. Does he do it better than the other Japanese chefs that do it?
I think that summarizes my point. We are impressed by different things when it comes to Japanese cooking, or appreciate certain skills in a different way. It has nothing to with knowing how to cook though.I disagree with your decision
OK, never mind then. Good luck on the chopsticks
c'mon, forget about the wife. You're the one who started acting like the expert, so go ahead and explain. You don't have to try to save me from embarrasement.
awww, c'mon. You saw him at Nobu, right? What's was so impressive about his knife skills?
Why? You are the expert, right.Play along, and teach me. What part is so impressive? If it's not shown in this video, play along and show another video, or just try to explain in your words.What is so fucking impressive about his Japanese cooking skills?
http://www.plumtv.com/videos/2010-food-and-wine-classic-morimoto-knife-tips/index.html What part is so fucking impressive?
I haven't seen him cook in person, but on TV many times (not just Iron Chef), and it is obvious to me that he is an average Japanese chef skill-wise. Maybe you were impressed, but I have a feeling it is because you haven't really seen as many Japanese chefs as some other people. Like I said many times, he is not BAD, but skill-wise he is not outstanding either when it comes to knife skills or other basic skills in Japanese cooking. His is really outstanding at coming up...
I never said he was BAD, just not THAT good. I never said I was an expert or anything like that either. It think it is fair to say that it is a common opinion among Japanese that Morimoto is not THAT good (just an average Japanese chef, skill-wise). His strength lies in re-arranging Japanese food so that is easier to accept by Americans.
New Posts  All Forums: