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Interesting they agreed upon the only part of F1 they didn't have to fix! I am sure it will mix things up since will be difficult to get the timing right for getting the laps in, fuel, etc. though.
The early feedback from Button after yesterday's test was that they made a big improvement in the deployment over the winter which as costing them about .5 sec per lap last year. Sounds promising, but I think they were about 1~2 sec slower last year compared to the top so maybe they still have a long way to go. The important thing is what F1 will decide to do for 2017. We will probably see more of the same for the 2016 season.
Exactly. Actually jeans are the most uncomfortable, made out the most coarse, stiff material you could possibly find. Usually they are worn very tight, severely restricting movement and making them even more uncomfortable. To me, the whole casual is comfortable movement is a state of mind and the people that say this actually don't realize they are usually wearing the most uncomfortable clothes. Yes, very casual can be comfortable, but even a tuxedo can be comfortable too....
I understand what you're saying, but I think you're missing the point. The feud between Fox and Trump has nothing (or little) to do with keeping journalistic integrity. Fox executives could care less about Kelly. It is all about power and having control over the political process. Up until now, networks like Fox basically had major power in controlling the political process on the republican side, but Trump is challenging that power. They didn't think Trump would actually...
If Fox wanted to replace Kelly, they could have made some excuse and kept their credibility at the same time (something like...we decided to replace Kelly to remove any possibility of controversy surrounding the debate and keep it fair and balanced...or whatever). I think they will lose even more if Trump goes on without any damage from this boycott, as it would confirm from here on that Fox debates have little meaning (and TV in general). I don't think anyone ever thought...
Could be a big mistake, but I think it could be an even bigger mistake for Fox to pick Kelly over Trump. If it turns out that there is no damage to Trump from this and he goes on to win, it will just confirm that TV/news is not important anymore and that they are losing their control. If you look at it from TV/Fox perspective I don't see the merit of picking an unimportant, individual like Kelly over Trump when the future risks could be huge.
When you look at things like vintage illustrations and classic movies it seems pretty common for notched lapels. It's probably a rule someone posted on this board a long time ago and everyone took it as fact.
I don't really have the opportunity to wear black tie myself, but I think it's about expressing your style within a strict set of rules. The higher the formality (black tie, white tie, morning, etc.) the more strict the rules and less freedom to do what you want, but you can still express your style within those rules. The strict set of rules assure everyone looks good at a minimum standard. The lower the formality the less rules and more freedom to express your style,...
If all or most of that is true, it just confirms Bernie's brilliance.
Good point about Kimi, because to come to think about it, Kimi was getting slower and slower the more he seemed to drink.
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