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^^ never heard of that before. Some fish doesn't taste it's best fresh from the catch, but I don't think most places serve frozen (aside from the cheap places).
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewQWLQeqQkM&list=UUgj-EmSCoVlKow_Cn0CQxJg They might have to turn down the commentary during the races or stop talking, because you can barely hear the cars when Ted is talking Notice he has to stop talking to let us hear the cars! (This is day 3 of the final test so the cars are running at full speed)
If you're driving from Vegas, maybe try turning off on the 74 around Palm Springs. Take 74 towards Idyllwild to 243. Some good elevation changes, mix of tight and long bends. The 78, 79 around San Diego county is also very good with barely any traffic.
Exactly, that's a good example. Why buy the sedan version when the wagon looks better and has more utility?
Some wagons actually look better than the sedan version, like the BMW 5 actually looks better in the wagon version. If you don't agree, I'm assuming you're from the States
Saw the clips too and was disappointed in the sound. Sounds more like a lower formula car now. Interesting that Boullier is going to Mclaren as it seems a good possibility Whitmarsh may go to Lotus. Also on the management side it will be interesting to watch Mercedes since Brawn left. I wonder if this expensive rules change is actually going to end up being the right move. It sounds like a good idea to go "green" and make F1 more relevant technology-wise, but I have...
It looks like a car for someone who can't make up their mind between a Maserati or Aston.
replying to an old post, but thought some people may want to know...you don't use wasabi with sushi. If you want more wasabi in your sushi, you ask the chef to prepare it with extra wasabi. You use wasabi yourself when eating sashimi. Don't smear it on the sashimi, but just place a bit on top, then dip the sashimi lightly in soy sauce.
Egg Chair, Swan Chair
Electric is probably just the temporary transition fad until hydrogen becomes viable.
New Posts  All Forums: