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I think everyone is assuming it's going to happen during the day, because the description says it's going to happen at a winery.
Black tie wedding at a winery...I bet it's during the day, which means the event itself is breaking the rules, so I would wear the cream trousers. The cream trousers would add a touch of daytime appropriateness compared to all black. These days, I doubt everyone is going be dressed in 100% correct black tie anyway and it's not like you're asking if you can wear your dress crocks to the wedding.
I think it has to do with Trump being worth much less. Remember Tim O'brien reported Trump's net worth to be only about $100M~$200M and Trump sued without success. Also Trump disclosed financials claiming he is worth $10B by inflating his assets as much as possible, but I would imagine the nature of tax returns are that he would do the opposite and try to report at the lowest possible creating a big gap between his publicly inflated net worth and private.Also the returns...
I think with wagyu it just comes down to preference. IMO western beef is more unforgiving in the range it still tastes good...if you cook it too rare it's not good and if you cook it medium or above it's not good either. On the other hand Wagyu tastes great raw/sashimi, you can cook it very rare, medium, or even well done and still have a good result (it depends on the meat you're working with though). I notice most Japanese steakhouses cook their meat about medium rare...
Seems like he was pretty evenly matched against Ricciardo though. Also Verstappen vs Saintz is pretty evenly matched despite Verstappen getting most of the attention. It's not like Verstappen was always much faster in qualifying or much better in the races. I think it would have been better to have Verstappen develop until the end of this year, then move him up, but I guess something else is going on behind the scenes.
Trump vs Republican Candidates & ClintonTrump was painted as a non-serious candidate doing it just for fun or publicityTrump was painted as a misogynistTrump was branded as a racistTrump was painted as promoting violenceTrump was branded as being a loose canon and unpredictableTrump had some big gaffs...Trump still won and will probably continue to win despite more negative branding and painting
Not a problem for me this time, because the race was a bit boring, so I watched at 1.5x speed and the cars looked much better
I'm not so sure Rosberg is actually on top of Hamilton speed-wise. The .5sec gap in Q2 could have been due to problems with Hamilton's car, and up until that point Hamilton was consistently faster than Nico. Also if you look at past qualifying so far this season Hamilton was faster than Nico in all of the qualifying sessions except for one session. Even in Q1 for this race, Hamilton was faster. So if you look back at all of the qualifying sessions (excluding China and Q2...
Actually I think SoCal is one of the best places for dressing in suits because there is virtually no humidity. I never felt too hot dressed in a suit there. The temperature really doesn't matter that much when dressing, as you can just adjust the material according to the temperature. It's the humidity that's the problem so dressing in a suit in places with high humidity is actually limiting.
Not including last season when it didn't matter, Hamilton is 2-0 in qualifying against Nico, so unless you expect Nico to win from 2nd place all season long and Hamilton having problems with his start all season long, I don't see any difference in performance between the two. The dark force may be Vettel. He should have won Australia and judging from the sluggish start of both Mercedes drivers, he could have won Bahrain...and even if he didn't win Bahrain he should have...
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