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I think it's very strange that Pirelli are saying that the tire bursts are happening because of going over curbs. I mean when you race or just drive around a circuit that's what you do...go over curbs all the time, and if that is what is causing the tires to blow up, then they need to change the way the tires are constructed, not the way they drive.I bet the reason for the lower reading was because they are just using regular pressure gauges. If you think back to when you...
That's exactly the reason I think Red Bull bringing in Audi is unlikely. The only other realistic option is to go with Mercedes.
Read an article today and Honda are saying they are actually ahead of Renault on horsepower. They believe they are similar to Ferrari, but still behind Mercedes. Very strange.
I don't understand either. They had a whole year (or more) to do whatever they wanted and they had the advantage of watching what everyone else was trying for a whole year as well. I think blaming the token system for their woes is just an excuse for a very, very bad start and even without the token restrictions they wouldn't have been able to catch up quickly anyway. Also I wonder if the Mclaren chassis itself is really any good. It wasn't that good when they were still...
The token system is obviously a big hurdle if you need to recover like Honda, but if you look at their times this year, I think they still would of been at the back of the field last year when everyone was still on their 1st year too.
That's why I said Mercedes or bring in another manufacturer. Like you said, they would rather bring in Audi or someone else so they can remain as a works team, but if that fails (or takes more time) we will probably see them running Mercedes. Either way, this RB + Renault split is going to shake things up a bit...fun to see how it goes.
It's difficult to tell, but I think Red Bull will end up with Mercedes engines anyway. After Renault buys Lotus, I doubt the main choice would be to provide Renault engines for Red bull since the whole point of buying Lotus and getting back in as a works team would be to f*ck Red Bull for giving them so much bad PR this year. That leaves Red Bull with no engine supplier and I doubt they would go with Honda or Ferrari (Ferrari maybe for Torro Rosso like the old days) The...
The race was pretty good, but what's getting more interesting is the deal with Renault. I wonder what is going to happen. Will Renault buy Lotus? In that case will Red bull go with Mercedes? What about Alonso's contract? Will Alonso try to get into the RB? A lot of things can happen.
For eggs, chicken and other meats I think the labels such as "cage free" "free range" "organic" etc. are pretty much meaningless and has nothing to do with quality.
I think you could be right. Trump reminds me of the 999 pizza guy who was one of the frontrunners in the beginning but faded away towards the end. The question is who will surge in the end and I don't think it is one of the other guys in the prime time debate. Maybe we will see a huge cat fight between women for this election.
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