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+ 1 on the sound. When a lot of cars were out, they did sound a bit better than I thought, but still a bit "lawnmower like." I think Brundle summed it up best when he said something like, "the cars sound OK and I like the sounds, but we just need more of it."Kimi vs Alonso: I always thought and still think Alonso is about .250~.5 faster than Kimi. It probably doesn't help that the cars are still new and we can't assume that both cars in equal condition. There are so many...
you probably have the opportunity to eat the best SB uni (fresh and good quality), but mediocre Japan uni. Whatever uni you had from Japan maybe wasn't in it's best condition or it wasn't so great to begin with. They are both good uni, but when you compare best SB vs best Japan the difference is like USDA choice vs prime.
SB uni is very good for the price. You can get a whole package full of SB uni for about the same price as one piece of Hokkaido. If you're making pasta or something, SB uni is probably better. Hokkaido bafun uni has better flavor and texture for sushi though.
^^ good point. Haven't thought of that. Edomae just means something like "Tokyo style" (Tokyo used to be called "Edo" in the samurai days). Today, the main characteristics of Edomae is that the fish are supposed to come from Edowan (Tokyo bay area) and each piece of fish is supposed have some work done it by the sushi chef (like curing or additional cutting, etc.). Also, the sauce is already put on by the chef rather than the customer dipping himself. The edomae rules are...
They should have given the teams more testing time this year. At this rate, it seems like many of the teams will still be in "testing mode" for half of the season so we really won't be seeing much of the field actually racing.
I`m not an expert either, but I bet the freezing is more for fish like salmon. Also most tuna is probably frozen at sea. I wonder if the other types of fish are actually better frozen though. I can't imagine all the little sushi places doing business right in the fishing harbors just so they can serve frozen. Also, unlike sushi places in the U.S. salmon is not a common fish for sushi. Well, it is common now in Japan too among mediocre and cheap restaurants, but it is rare...
^^ never heard of that before. Some fish doesn't taste it's best fresh from the catch, but I don't think most places serve frozen (aside from the cheap places).
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewQWLQeqQkM&list=UUgj-EmSCoVlKow_Cn0CQxJg They might have to turn down the commentary during the races or stop talking, because you can barely hear the cars when Ted is talking Notice he has to stop talking to let us hear the cars! (This is day 3 of the final test so the cars are running at full speed)
If you're driving from Vegas, maybe try turning off on the 74 around Palm Springs. Take 74 towards Idyllwild to 243. Some good elevation changes, mix of tight and long bends. The 78, 79 around San Diego county is also very good with barely any traffic.
Exactly, that's a good example. Why buy the sedan version when the wagon looks better and has more utility?
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