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I don't see how that is realistic. What opposition leader was attending the Russian GP or any GP for that matter except for the GPs held in their own country. I do agree with you that holding a race in a country is an endorsement of the country itself. That would mean F1 endorses pretty much the whole world since it holds GPs in practically ever part of the world now, no matter what type of regime from various types of democratic, communist, and dictatorial type regimes....
not when you sit next to everyone else in the world too. Next grand prix he'll probably be sitting next to Perry and some others who are on the "other side"
One of the things I like about F1 is that they usually don't take sides on political matters. So Bernie was sitting with Putin and the King of Bahrain, and I thought that was great.
so you're saying the deal is done already between Alonso + Honda?If so, how do you guys think the rest of the seats will play out? Button, Verne seem like drivers still deserving of a F1 ride.
Is Alonso + Mclaren Honda a done deal already? I am still wondering if Ron Denis actually wants Alonso to lead the team forward with this fresh engine change. Apparently there is some bad history between Ron Dennis and Alonso which is why Alonso moved to Ferrari in the first place. On the other hand, what other options are there? not may I suppose: - keep Button for another year or so and try to get Hamilton back in the meantime? - sign someone unlikely like Grojean,...
Wow, thanks for the video link. I was wondering how the accident happened, and it looks much worse than I thought. What about Vettel to Ferrari though? Sure is going to be interesting to see where the others fit. Will Alonso end up at Mclaren, if so what about Button? Is there any chance for a surprise Vettel/Alonso combo at Ferrari?
Your predication may come true as they are trying to do exactly that in California already.
I may be missing something, but the Desert House seems like a strange layout design. Why build in the middle of nowhere, but build the whole house around a courtyard?
I think I commented too early (right after I saw the race and not the post-race stuff). I thought Magnussen's penalty was for squeezing Alonso on the outside of Bruxelles (when Alonso raised his hand), but didn't realize it was actually for when he squeezed Alonso on the straight. I agree the squeeze on the straight was a bit dangerous.
Hamilton/Rosberg: I think it was a racing incident. When you have a chicane like corner and someone tries to pass on the outside of the first, it's safer for the car ahead not to clip the apex on the 2nd corner just in case the other car is there. It was combination of Rosberg making a point that he wont back down, and Hamilton not giving any extra space. (edit: I just had a chance to look back at the replay and it looks like Rosberg just missed judged the timing of when...
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