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One of the reasons I don't think even money distribution is a good idea is because I think the smaller teams have some blame in the reason they are not in a good situation. Sure, the system is rigged so that the better performing teams get more money, but that just means you have to spend more upfront in order be successful, then you can be one of the top teams eventually and reap the rewards. I think the reason why Bernie is reluctant to give in to the smaller teams is...
I don't think they should distribute the money evenly, but at least they should distribute according to the Constructors Championship without any special added bonuses for history, etc.
The cloth is very nice and great taste. It seems T4 always dresses very casually for fittings, but I wonder...isn't it easier to get a good fitting with a collared shirt?
or you could say that Hamilton sensibly left a car width on the outside knowing Ricciardo would be there, but Rosberg didn't leave any room in Spain despite knowing Hamilton would be coming.
I agree. Hamilton gave a car's length on the outside (unlike Nico in Spain), but Ricciardo assumed that Hamilton would go further outside. Technically, he did cut the chicane, but when other drivers made the same move in this race and past years to defend position there has never been a penalty that I recall of the top of my head...on the other hand, when you pass then cut the chicane they usually give out a penalty unless you give back the position.
I'm not 100% sure which part they were investigating...maybe both, but it seems they usually don't penalize drivers for keeping their place when they semi-cut the chicane (semi-cut = at least they attempted to make the chicane and not go through straight through). On the other hand, they usually penalize when you cut or semi-cut the chicane when making a pass from behind so the drivers just give the position back before the penalty comes.
My impression was that the potential penalty was for not giving Ricciardo enough room when Ricciardo tried to pass Hamilton on the outside and not necessarily for semi-cutting the chicane.+1 on the pussy starts F1 does lately when the weather gets a little bad. The old days were much better when it was survival of the fittest.
In classic movies, you see people wearing flannel in the summer. I wouldn't wear it to an interview though, just to be on the safe side (why take the risk). It would probably be no problem as part of your rotation once you're hired
Definitely agree about the blue flags. Everyone's in the race, so they should have to race everyone even if they are a lap down. The lapped cars in the old days actually influenced the race and it was fun to watch how some off-circuit relationships played on-track. If the leaders had a bad relationship with the lapped cars, they would actually make it very difficult to pass. Rosberg/Hamilton crash: I think Rosberg should have got a penalty as it is clear he broke the...
I think everyone is assuming it's going to happen during the day, because the description says it's going to happen at a winery.
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