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Yes the house is "in the landscape", but other than using the stones for the external it just seems like a closed off space with only a few small windows to see or be connected with the vast surroundings.
I think it will be difficult for Mclaren too, but if all things go well they could fight for 2nd best. This year the 2nd best battle was between Williams and Red Bull. Williams isn't known for making consistently good cars these days so who knows if they will be as strong next year. Red Bull still uses Renault power, which will probably end up being the weakest power plant on the grid along with Ferrari. If Honda comes in with something much better than Ferrari and...
I thought they would go with Magnussen too, just for the reason that it was a good excuse for Button to retire anyway. I guess since Button and Magnussen were pretty evenly matched it made sense to go with Button for his experience which could help in developing the car. Plus he already has former experience working with the Honda guys. Alonso is probaby .3~.5 seconds quicker than Button so that alone is worth a lot of money.
looks like a very dated design with a bunch of unnecessary features to try to make it look cool
so they finally announced Alonso + Button lineup
Maybe a lot of luxury class cars will come equipped with hybrid, not really to save gas, but more to help out the gas engine, like the newer supercars. They could then get the great throttle response of the Tesla without having the demerits of charging limitations.
I guess that kinda looks like sushi, but I wouldn't call it sushi.
I kinda remember a few teams running 3 cars in the past. Can't remember if was exciting or not, but I think they would have to restructure the payout or else the mid to lower field teams will be pushed even lower as the top teams will have more cars. For example if the teams had 3 cars this season, you would see Mercedes 1-2-3, Williams & Red Bull fighting for 4-5-6-7-8-9, Mclaren, Ferrari fighting for 10-11-12-13-14-15 with maybe a Force India car squeezing in to one of...
So it seems like Caterham and Marussia ran out of money and will be out from next race. It sounds like the mid-lower field teams are running on fumes financially as well (like Sauber, Lotus). I don't really understand how a team like Lotus was doing pretty good a year or two ago, but still running into money problems. They were 4th in the constructors with about the same amount points as teams like Mclaren and Ferrari.
I am not 100% sure (but fairly) that the cloud style in Throne of Blood, and the 2 painting posted above from Kodaiji are in a more modern style. I doubt (but could be wrong) they are from the feudal era. Feudal era art is more in the fluid style like the byobu-e posted earlier. The more modern style starts to come around Taisho and Meiji eras I think. In some of Kyoto temples they support new upcoming artists by commissioning fusuma-e so you can see a mix of very old...
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