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I've been to a few places like that too (for some reason no depth of flavor, almost flat). Sometimes it's puzzling, because it seems like they are using great beans, fresh roasted, nice pour technique, etc., but the flavor ends up flat. Maybe it's the water temperature or something? There's a place I like in Kyoto called "Smart Coffee" (very popular), but for some reason their hot coffee is not that great. I always order the iced coffee when I go there and the flavor is...
Maybe you're going to the wrong ones. Many coffee shops in Japan source high quality beans, roast them in house, and hand pour. That is pretty standard for a decent coffee shop in Japan, nothing special. Kyoto is actually pretty famous for the coffee shops and there are even guide books just for the Kyoto shops which coffee lovers use. Can coffee is more like instant coffee with chemicals mixed in.If you're still in town, try this place near Sanjo/Kawaramachi street...
you're probably not taking into consideration things like topography of the site and maximizing building space, light, views, etc.
^^ yeah, Vetttel was obviously very quick even before RBR. It's not that Vettel is slow, it's just that Ricciardo and Vettel are more evenly matched compared to former team mates. I think the time differences in this early stage are due to the cars...it depends on which car is working more at 100% vs which car may have a few small issues costing the driver some time.
Like you said, it is definitely Lewis' year, but luck will also play a very important part. If it wasn't for Lewis' retirement, he would have been waaay ahead in the driver's championship, but now even after 3 straight wins he has just barely caught up. It seems a couple retirements throughout the season will be much more damaging than being slightly slower and coming in 2nd or 3rd place...we'll see.The Red Bull driver lineup is very close. I think one of the commentators...
I think Montezemolo means that lower formula is more like "noise" ...it's very loud and the ground rumbles, but nothing special (you can get that from many lower categories). He's saying F1 should be more than just "noise" and more like "music."...more special.
I think Montezemolo said it best when he said that part of F1 is that the sound should be like music, not just noise. It's probably true that Mercedes engines have about +80hp advantage. The former midfield cars (Force India, Williams, etc.) are able to fight for podiums, ahead of Ferrari and Red Bull. Works team Mercedes is about 1 sec/lap ahead, because they were able to fully package the car around the engine, while the other Merc engined teams are just customers that...
never said shitty, just pointed out that it looks like "new Californian" style.
I see. From the pics though it looks like only 1 out of all the sushi doesn't have anything on it (that's why I thought "Californian" style). I wonder if the soy sauce is actually hand made, because it would be actually better just to buy good sauce (the reward is not worth the effort, plus soy beans in the U.S. are not very good). Homemade ponzu is better than buying.
^^ looks like a new "California" version of sushi with all the oils and sauces on every piece.
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