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Completely different from Rosberg. That's just a little lock up and understeering into the car on the outside which happens very often in passing. He's still somewhat on the racing line and doesn't run anyone off the track on entry or exit.
Senna definitely would get a penalty today if he did the same Suzuka turn 1 move. I don't think in general Senna really made any Rosberg passes though. I agree there should not be any penalties for these passes whether it be Hamilton or Rosberg, because that is part of racing, but since the rule is already there it has to be followed.
which Senna instances are you referring to? If you're talking about Suzuka first corner, start incident with Prost, I bet under today's rules and today's ability to see all the data easily, the stewards would have penalized Senna. I think they would have penalized Prost for the Suzuka chicane incident too.
@idfnl, Let's just say that Hamilton is better at running opponents off the track than Rosberg. Part of racing definitely is running others off the track, but I guess with the new modern rules there is a sort of right way to do it and a wrong. Rosberg's 2 instances are probably consistent with the wrong way to do it in the eyes of the stewards and Hamilton is within the grey area of the rules. I think the obvious difference between the two is that in Hamilton's COTA case,...
The main difference between Rosberg getting penalties and Hamilton none, is that in Rosberg's moves the opponent would have to crash into Rosberg or go off the track on corner entry. The reason why the other driver would have to crash into Rosberg is because Rosberg is totally off the racing line, even though the opponent is giving him plenty of space to make the corner on the inside. This is different from COTA because Hamilton is on the racing line and it is only...
Interesting that the U.S. commentary was calling for a penalty while the UK (Sky) pretty much all the commentary and former drivers were saying the penalty was uncalled for. Maybe it has to with the racing styles in Europe and U.S., and since Fittipaldi was the driver stewart, his long experience in the U.S. influenced his decision. I agree, they should have just changed the radio rules to just allow critical/safety instructions and not driver coaching, but I think the...
I agree. All the commentators are saying that he didn't deserve the penalty, but to me it looked like if Rosberg put himself in the position of having to force Verstappen off the track. He didn't do it on purpose like in Austria, but the outcome was he still did. Too bad Hamilton has to take more penalties in upcoming races, otherwise he would be in a good position for the Championship already.
If they can drive around forever behind the safety car without any problems that means they can race. They just have to respect the conditions. You don't see a bunch of drivers flying off the track when they are lapping behind the safety car, so why should it be any different?
I really wouldn't mind watching them race at 15mph if that's the fastest they could go in the wet conditions. In some ways, it would probably be much more exciting than watching them drive 100mph behind the safety car all day long. Once the weather clears up, the cars would be able to go faster anyway.Verstappen definitely needs to be given a warning.Rosberg should have been penalized for his pole position lap. Double yellows means slow "significantly" and I don't think a...
I agree. Very boring Formula Pussy with virtually every qualifying session ruined by red flags. What's the use of timed sessions if they're going to ruin the laps with red flags? The cars won't aquaplane if they go slower. The reason they fly off the track is because they are driving too fast for the track. Also nothing against Rosberg, but he is getting lucky again.
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