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If they can drive around forever behind the safety car without any problems that means they can race. They just have to respect the conditions. You don't see a bunch of drivers flying off the track when they are lapping behind the safety car, so why should it be any different?
I really wouldn't mind watching them race at 15mph if that's the fastest they could go in the wet conditions. In some ways, it would probably be much more exciting than watching them drive 100mph behind the safety car all day long. Once the weather clears up, the cars would be able to go faster anyway.Verstappen definitely needs to be given a warning.Rosberg should have been penalized for his pole position lap. Double yellows means slow "significantly" and I don't think a...
I agree. Very boring Formula Pussy with virtually every qualifying session ruined by red flags. What's the use of timed sessions if they're going to ruin the laps with red flags? The cars won't aquaplane if they go slower. The reason they fly off the track is because they are driving too fast for the track. Also nothing against Rosberg, but he is getting lucky again.
Reading the news this morning, seems like there are rumors that Apple is in talks to buyout F1. That would be interesting and I wonder what Apple has in mind. Maybe driverless Apple cars?
I agree with you guys...the pussy starts are boring and a waste of our time. Who wants to watch endless laps under the safety car at the start! Rosberg's penalty should have been worse (he only got +10sec.). If 10sec. is all that they get, then they should have told Hamilton how to navigate the menu so that he could solve his car troubles in Baku.
Yeah I agree. Maybe they didn't have that many choices since drivers like Verstappen are taken. Perez, Hulkenberg, Grojean, Raikkonen...they seem all about the same so keep what they already got.
I didn't know until I read the news today that Rosberg actually was penalised by the stewards for the crash. It's just the penalty didn't make any difference though, because they added 10sec. to Rosberg's race time which kept him in front of 5th place Ricciardo anyway...so Rosberg remains in 4th.
I think Nico's move would have been just fine (and actually good racing) if he used a very "wide" line (turning in later than usual) and squeezing Lewis out on the exit (if Lewis decided to try to hang on the outside...which he might not have and instead try to cross lines). Just because you are on the inside, it does not entitle you to drive straight...it just entitles you to take whatever "racing line" you want. The racing line can be wide like the one Lewis took in...
No, it's totally different. In Austin the track was wet and it is within the norm for drivers to take a wide line without clipping the apex. Even it was dry, you don't have to take the perfect racing line, and are within your rights to make the racing line as wide as possible. There is no reason for the car on the inside to let the outside car on the racing line, so that is why Nico got squeezed out on the outside. The difference in Austria is that Nico was not on the...
I think Hamilton's moves (like in Austin) are a bit different from Rosberg's. Hamilton's moves are on the racing line with Rosberg on the outside...there is no reason Hamilton needs to give Rosberg the racing line and actually Hamilton is right in trying to make the racing line as wide as possible driving Rosberg off the outside. On the other hand, Rosberg is no no where near the racing line and is just driving straight with no attempt to turn into the corner...it is...
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