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I don't know what the rules are in that series, but if I was in charge I wouldn't give out a penalty either. The guy in front turned in early on purpose knowing that the guy behind was going for the pass. It just looks like the guy behind crashed him out, but actually it was a pretty predictable outcome.
Seems like Brawn agrees with you on the DRS. News today had an interview with Brawn saying he plans or wants to get rid of DRS fake overtaking.
I think Brawn is a perfect fit for that role too, and am pretty excited to see how they make the cars in the coming years. I wonder if it's a good opportunity for him to fuck over Mercedes as pay back? (maybe change technical rules to make Mercedes weak).
It's definitely difficult to say who's the best, but I think it's reasonable to group the following drivers in the top category: Hamilton, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Alonso, Vettel. Verstappen and Ricciardo have a chance to beat Hamilton in the same equipment, but I doubt Alonso or Vettel could. Nevertheless, they are all great drivers and can win anytime with the right circumstances. Unfortunately I don't think Bottas is in that top category, but maybe we will be proven...
Mick Shumacher is probably going to be similar to someone like Bruno Senna. I agree with you guys on Bottas...seemed to be pretty similar, or only a bit quicker than Massa who was well past his prime. Since the Red Bull drivers were out of the question, I wish they would have brought in Alonso. I am not a fan and sure there would be issues pairing with Hamilton, but it seems a waste of a good driver to be in the Mclaren which will not perform. For excitement sake, we need...
Williams already has 2 drivers and Wehrlein confirmed for Sauber, so it almost seems like Mercedes announced Bottas several weeks ago without really announcing. BTW - do you guys think Bottas is really that quick?
That's interesting! I think it sums up Hamilton vs Rosberg.
I don't think anyone in F1 is expecting a huge shift even with the new regulations coming up, so Mercedes is still the most desirable seat in F1. If you partner with Hamilton you basically have a 50/50 chance of becoming World Champion (like Rosberg) so some drivers might want to break their contracts for a shot at becoming WC. Of course all that might be wrong and we might see Red Bull being the best car next year, even Ferrari making a huge jump, or Mclaren surprising...
Exactly. Nico knows this better than anyone else, and is probably a major reason he decided to quit. Let's face was basically 3-0 in favor of Hamilton so there is no reason to expect things will be different next year and beyond.I wonder if Mercedes will go after Alonso or just go with a junior driver...interesting waiting for the outcome if the offseason.
I'm with Sugarbutch on this one...Rosberg is a strong team mate, no question...but if it wasn't for the misfortune, the championship would have been won by Hamilton (probably by an easy margin too). With the CONTINUOUS misfortune, Rosberg was able to finally fight equally for the championship.
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