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I will do my best to answer the sizing on the Church's, but since they are not even close to my size I don't have much I can offer by way of comparison. The best information I have is the actual size: 11 1/2" long by 4 3/8" wide. I also put them sole to sole with the size 10EE Santonis that were also listed in this thread, and they come up about 3/8" short - which would seem to me to validate them as a 9UK/~9.5US. So for comparison between the 9 in Church's...
Payment has been sent on the Spectators and Santonis, so those are gone. Price drop of $10 each on the remaining shoes. Also please note that there are new pictures up of the suede Church's that really show what great shape these are in. The Allen Edmonds are perfect for a budget buyer looking for a pair of quality shoes in great shape that can be used every day - the Sanford is a very classy model. Thanks for looking!
Church's Spectators (#3) and Santonis (#5) are sold pending payment. That leaves still for sale the AE Sanfords and Suede Church's.
Church's Wingtips in Brown (#4) are sold - thanks drizzt!
I took the picture in late afternoon window light, which may have given that impression - I can assure you they are black.
Okay, so my closet isn't anywhere near as extensive or exotic as most of the people here, but it still needs cleaning since my wife isn't yet used to the idea of a husband who owns more than 10 pairs of shoes! All of these items just don't quite fit me (I have finally learned to live with being a true 10.5E, not an 11D) or the person I bought them for, so hopefully someone else can find some use for them. I think my prices are fair and are intended to move these...
They just put the coats out, so I picked up an awesome Aquascutum Aqua 5 Raincoat, identical to this one - http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-MENS-AQUASCU...QQcmdZViewItem, and also an Abboud made in Italy grey wool overcoat. Does one wear such a coat in normal fall weather or is it only to be used on overcast days? Four ties as well - Land's End, Abboud, Polo, and, oddly enough, a Borsalino (the hatmaker I assume) that still has the tags on.
Charles Fried - I've never seen anyone wear a seersucker suit with more elegance (unfortunately no picture of that): http://www.news.harvard.edu/gazette/...fried1-450.jpg http://www.nndb.com/people/800/00009...es-fried-1.jpg I've also always admired Richard Fallon: http://www.law.harvard.edu/alumni/bu...l/ask_main.php Both are consistently well dressed.
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 It seems to me their only option is to stop selling overstock to the discounters. An on-going resale price maintenance case at the Supreme Court (?) might impact this as well. If RL can control at what min. price the discounter can sell their stuff, that would apply to anything the reseller lists at EBay too. They'd be forced to put in a minimum bid limit. This case has been decided, and in favor of...
Just as well I suppose...my wife would probably have a heart attack if I brought another jacket into our tiny apartment, and rightfully so. In fact, I bought a jacket for buttons today and had to be careful to make a preemptory explanation that I would be chucking the garment itself. Thanks for the kind offer though. I will be sure to keep an eye out for 38R - if you're interested, pm me the sort of thing you're after and if I encounter anything of quality I'll pick...
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