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Do you think this jacket with the chalk stripes, elbow patches, and hacking pockets suceeds?
Bump for an interesting odd jacket at a good price.
New Allen Edmonds Mora suede double monks for $150... in (gulp) size 16D.
Bump for a great seller.
Entry deleted.
Don't know whether you're "angelic," but you ARE very generous.
Florsheim Kenmoor Wingtip Longwings, 9D, brown pebble grain for $35 Wish they were my size. No photos of the soles, though.
I'll take #4 (the olive green with squares) if you decide to break up the lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by nilesderbutler Where can I get this shoe in size US 9.5 ? It's great! Nilesderbutler... Keep an eye on the "Cool Shoes, Paraphernalia & Desiderata" thead in the B&S board. I bought the Altons off eBay based on a tip from EL72 (
PRL "Alton" wingtip derby -- made by Crockett & Jones, supposedly on the 337 last (although there's a StyleForum thread that says the Alton has a lower volume than the 337 last).
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