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I've pretty much given up on wearing tees. Impossible to find the right one. They're either too short, too wide or got some stupid detail that ruins everything. And then there's the fabric, apparently nobody realizes that you need thicker fabric for white tees or you're gonna be flashing nips all day. Shit is fucked up.
Ah, nevermind then.
Nope. See slide 1 in the banner: it doesn't show up/apply to some countries though? From what I can see it applies to the US and the UK, but not Norway or Sweden. Those were the ones I checked anyway.
The speedbird is great, but the iwc is great-er. It all comes down to how much you want to pay. Personally, if I could afford it, I would get the iwc.It looking like an iwc is a pretty retarded reason and no, "watch people" will notice.
It's one guy... Wouldn't even be a problem if people would just stop feeding him.
Don't see why there's any need for that. It's just words on the Internet. The only stuff that should really register in your mind is the interesting content, the rest is just noise. Don't really see why you guys bother replying to his crap though. Such a waste of time.The inane emails getting to him I can understand though, that's a more direct form of communcation and more or less requires a reply from the recipient.A few months ago I was so sure I didn't want a TOJ1...
You have to be very selective about what advice you take from this thread. Some of it is good, some of it is... not good. Tapering those pants is definitely not a good idea, especially considering the clunky shoes/boots you typically post.Really wish I'd pulled the trigger on the black melange stark while it was still available in my size ANYWHERE.
Just click his username and "block member". Debates about prices and whatnot can be enlightening I guess, but that guy is just insufferable. It was the same shit with his previous username and all his posts back then pretty much showed what a clueless tit he is.
Dude who cares about your desk, you've got spoons on the floor!Battery life is about the same in use AFAIK. It was bugged to shit at release though, would run out of charge from just sitting on standby for a day, but the 5.0.1 update seems to have fixed that for me at least.
Surprised nobody commented on this, looks fantastic. Is that the navy/beige or the black/white?
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