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That isn't even a chesterfield, it's a (ugly) carcoat.
You should sell it to me at a heavy discount.
Yeah, true. I guess you're a good example. Seems like you get a lot fewer "u look lyke a faggoty faggot u faggot lol" comments when you post fits these days, than you did a few years back?
Man, that coat is so good, you could wear it with pajamas and still look down on the plebes.
The biggest difference I've noticed since I joined is the shift away from workwear. When I joined it was all workwear all day in waywt, these days most workwear waywts get defecated within minutes. A good shift IMO -- the few posters who do workwear well still get the proper respect. Certain posters going from punching bags to baller status has also been interesting to watch.
God knows why...
Sleeves look 1"-2" too short. New single button cuff looks good, looking forward to receiving mine.
I got buttcrack leather on one of my pairs Fortunately they're black so it doesn't really show.
I've pretty much given up on wearing tees. Impossible to find the right one. They're either too short, too wide or got some stupid detail that ruins everything. And then there's the fabric, apparently nobody realizes that you need thicker fabric for white tees or you're gonna be flashing nips all day. Shit is fucked up.
New Posts  All Forums: