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Am I nuts for thinking this looks awesome? No way I'm buying though, sales season's already fleeced me.
Looks alright. Capital last is a bit chiseled though, which doesn't show in that picture. Nothing wrong with that, just don't let it catch you by surprise.You are the worst kind of poster.
fyi yuketens are ugly as sin too.
No idea if their sizing chart is accurate for the smaller sizes, but the uk 12s definitely fit like that. I tried a pair of uk 12 a year back and they fit really small, like a us 12 basically.
You probably shouldn't be buying more brogues then, regardless of who makes them.
I wouldn't buy Sorel's to wear as a general winter boot. but they're great to have around when temps go down to -20c or even lower, or when you need to shovel a shitload of snow, or similar situations. I really don't give a shit how I look when I'm wading through half a meter of snow or freezing my feet off.
You peeps should probably do whatever you can to get your money back before they go bankrupt (?). If they do you're pretty much SOL.
Ah, bummer. Makes sense though, seemed too good to be true (and so it was).
My skinny-ass non-exercised 6'5" build disagrees with the both of you.
I remember you mentioning finding speedy pros for around $900 somewhere -- would that be something you could proxy? What condition/model are they typically at that price?
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