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Fleece is warm enough for early fall and spring, or warmer climate winters though, it depends on where you live.
Thoughts on these? http://www1.macys.com/catalog/produc...tegoryID=15063 (and 20% off with MACYSMOBILE) I've heard good things about Andrew Marc, but I'm guessing Marc New York is some sort of "value" diffusion line? "Imported" invariably means it's made to budget somewhere in Asia, which makes me a bit skeptical. I'm leaning towards this though, unless someone dissuades me. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/i...entPage=family (and 30% off with HOL2008) RL's high end...
Any tall/slim people here have any experience with their tall-large sizing? I'm 6'5", 187lbs, 41,7" chest, 35,4" waist. I'm conflicted, worried that medium will have too short sleeves and tall-large will fit like a tent. According to the j.crew size charts tall-large should fit me nicely, but the posts in here so far make me think it won't. I'm considering the peacoat, a thermal and a half-zip sweater. Edit: I've never had problems with sleeve lengths before though, maybe...
Large-Tall, for the same considerations. If the sleeves are too long I can get them shortened, if they're too short however... I found some measurements of it lying flat which were about 1-2" wider than one of my slim fit sports jackets that fits nicely, so it should be alright. It might be a bit loose to wear with just a t-shirt, but I wouldn't want to wear it with just a t-shirt anyway. I'll post an update -- maybe even some pictures of my success or disaster! --...
Alright, thanks for the tips. Think I'm going to trust Robert on this and go with the large. If it's too large at least I can have it tailored, but if it's too small I'm screwed.
I've also been looking for a cheapish casual coat, so this picqued my interest. Unfortunately, due to geographical limitations I won't be able to try one on, so naturally I'm worried about sizing. I'm 6'4, 41" chest and 33" waist. After looking at the size chart Tall Large seems to be my size? Anyone with similar measurements have any experiences? For comparison: my H&M sports jackets fit nicely at 44S. I guess I could mail BR, but shockingly I have trust issues with...
Quote: Originally Posted by apt Anyone have any personal experience with their denim? Their look appeals to my taste. I have two pairs that I've been using on and off for about four years, bought before this forum turned me into a raw zombie. Both have held up nicely, no noticeable signs of wear and tear (apart from the pre-distressing :/) If you like the looks, why not just go and try some on?
Their jeans are the usual "mall brand" quality I'd say. I love their socks though, cheap, comfortable, solid black and fits my size 46 2/3 clown feet perfectly.
Great, thanks! I'm probably going to go for 34s for safety.
Alright, so I'm definitely going to buy a pair of Crate Routes, but I'm very unsure about sizing. My waist is 33,5 but where my pants usually sit on my hips is 35,3. Would 34 stretch out to fit me nicely, or would it be too tight? Also wondering about where the best place to get them is, revolve has them priced at 137, which seems very OK. Is there somewhere better to get them from? (secretservice?) Edit: typoed 127 instead of 137.
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