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Sneaker maintenance? Fuck that. Just brush off dirt and whatnot once in a while.I don't see any pink in my pair, but it might depend on lighting or maybe there are different versions going around (bought these from ln-cc).
Goddamn this thread just got dumb.Yeah, the average item price tag and spending have definitely bloated a lot, even since I joined. A few years back people were debating buying $140 APCs for weeks. Now they're picking up discounted $240 margielas and sns hernings faster than you can scream "styleforum uniform'd!".The "new" Mr. Moo was freaking me the fuck out too, until he pulled out the old "you cretin, you have insulted my honor and I demand satisfaction!" routine when...
Those canvas gats are awful regardless of paint or no paint.
Good riddance.
Inverallans are too baggy and short to look good on most SWD regulars IMO.
Mobile cameras have come a long way, but Iphone 4S quality is still shit in bad lighting Persol APC Uniqlo Imperial Hudson
Isn't it more likely that she was following you around in the hopes that you would ask for assistance, thus giving her commission if you eventually bought anything?why you peeps always gotta expect the worst
Looks like traditional greatcoat lapels to me, a modern take on the greatcoat. Looks great over a sharp suit in my head, but would prob just end up looking like a costume irl I guess Fucking one millionth edit: maybe it makes more sense to talk about getting what you actually want over cutting corners instead of debating quality/quantity. There is a absolute minimum of basics you need in order to get by though.
Pretty much half of sf have bought these by now (including me lols). They're nice though, superminimalist mmms.
Burn the shirt, tie and belt. Go half-naked.
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