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Beats me. I wouldn't be surprised if they came in around the current price of a leather jacket.
I've got enough experience to say that no, it isn't. You don't have to take my word for it though, just go take a look at the CP thread. Or the baller sneakers thread. Or the Dayton clusterfuck thread...
Sizing footwear over the Internet is a whole new bag of shit, a lot worse than sizing jackets, so I wouldn't expect wonders in that department.
Some sort of combat boot (like the dayton service boot, just without the dayton part) seems like an obvious choice for ToJ. Possibly with a sole choice between leather or sleek commando (see alden's or h by hudson's commando soles).Sorry man, your posts are usually on point, but those are bloody awful.
Both codes:pre-ed679bpre-eb1cd9
Mystery bag promo is a scam. Just because it's cheap and from a brand you like, doesn't mean it's going to contain anything you actually want. More like fashion victim promo.
Gonna have to disagree on that. That narrow leg opening + comparatively large size gats makes his feet look like loaves of bread sticking out. The bomber looks great though.Sup with Drew editing out most of his Dayton comments and replacing with a wry emoticon? Something's up!
I think you're in the right and he should refund you immediately, especially considering the quote where he takes the blame for the misinterpretation, but that shit is subjective.From a strictly law point of view it can get tricky. It's a breach of contract and where I live, and in the EU generally, all sorts of shenaningans can apply that prevent refund demands. For example whether or not you can be blamed for the misinterpretation (typically not being clear enough in...
My advice from similar experiences: Return the shirt unless you can have it tailored. Your annoyance with the perceived imperfection is only going to grow. Spend the money on a shirt that doesn't have that issue instead. It looks too short in the sides anyway.
Grocery run steez. Would've looked better with white ocbd and grey hat. Oliver Spencer Persol Adidas Paul Smith Chester Jefferies Imperial Margiela
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