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Off topic, but that AP is an abomination.
I enquired about a duffle with brown leather about half a year ago. Charly's answer was "black leather only on the new duffle". Their stance on it could have changed since then though.
That's not a CWU.Great to see the ToJ "re-collection" up and running. Now to decide whether I should get a bomber or a harrington... or both?
Yup, it's accurate. ToJ sleeve lengths are pretty long.
Thanks, it was taken in a fjord up north in Norway, where my grandfather grew up. Great place to go to when you want to take a break from the world for a while.
CWU: Shame I didn't have the moolah to buy a couple more (wanted a brown bomber and a harrington) before the cutoff, but looking forward to the return whenever it happens.
FWIW, I currently have three pairs of CPs and have previously had one pair of svenssons, and from a pure "how do they look and feel" point of view, I like svenssons better than CPs -- at least when comparing the white svensson mids and white achilles mids. IMO the svenssons have a nicer profile, nicer color (off white instead of the optical white cps) and more supple leather (although this might mean less durability).Unfortunately the largest size svensson makes is a wee...
It pisses me off beyond words that they don't make these in my size. Best basic sneaks there are (together with CP achilles), just get them unless you want to hold out for deeper discounts (zzz).
Never seen a tattoo that didn't make the victim look like trash, that one included (sorry man).
His hilarious reply notwithstanding, he does have a point; your initial post seems unwarranted and childish.
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