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Dammit, doublepost. This news has me so distraught I'm clicking post a reply instead of edit post by mistake...
I was really looking forward to the new winter season stuff that was teased way back.
Black cwu-45 and brown a-2.
I also have one in black and one in brown lamb, and they definitely feel different. My impression is that the brown is a bit thinner, and consequently a bit softer out of the box. They're both really nice, but if I had to rate them, I would rate the black over the brown. All of this is potentially just down to differences between individual hides, though. fyi wearing my brown bomber now and I feel like a boss.
Oslo toj enthusiast who tried on my bomber while it was at my tailor for adjustment (nipped the waist, it's purrrrfect now) and had them measure it for him (lol): Feel free to PM me and I'll send you the actual measurements I used.
Got my brown bomber in the mail recently. Sixth toj coppidge toj dat shearling collar.New peacoat and ma1 look great! What fabric is that on the p?Edit: I would pay through the nose for a toj coppidge toj full shearling bomber
???Only the leather jackets are MTM. The only adjustable parts of the fishtail are lengths.
Sounds like a great plan, will keep my eye out.
I have a few suits in super150, and they feel super-luxe, but they also get shiny really fast (elbows mainly). There's always a tradeoff: in this case you get an awesome-looking MA-1 that's going to feel like wearing a fucking cloud, but at the same time it won't be appropriate for urban warfare when the zombie apocalypse starts. Also, really sorry about bringing this up again, Drew, cause I know you hate it, but I've got an image of a future Coppidge shearling piece in...
Off topic, but that AP is an abomination.
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