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Anybody know if they still use spring bars in the buckles on the double monks? Bought a pair last spring and they were superb for the price -- EXCEPT one of the buckles fell off after a month because the spring bar popped out and now they're useless. No response either when I asked if they could send me a replacement buckle.
Got my daypack today, no tracking. It's lovely.
I don't think there's any correlation between model and leather thickness. I've had five toj leathers, in slightly varying thicknesses, including two A-2s in different colors (one of which is slightly thinner, but both are fairly thick). There's no extra padding and the shearling collar snaps off, so they're great for year-round wear, provided you live in a temperate climate. The collar is great for late fall/early spring. I've found it a bit chilly during winter, but...
I missed out on the suede harrington during the last rerun, because I couldn't afford it at the time. Would jump on the opportunity to get one now instantly.
Masking tape wouldn't have ripped any finish off sigh...
Bemberg is a type of rayon, not polyester. Unlike polyester, rayon is very breathable and excels in hot and humid climates. Removing a bemberg lining could arguably have some effect when you're wearing a jacket made from a lightweight open weave fabric, but since leather is a fairly dense material, especially at the thickness toj uses, removing the lining is unlikely to have any noticeable effect other than making the jacket less comfortable to wear.That's not to say that...
I don't see what you've been getting all worked up over. This looks like it fits better than most of the jackets in the gallery. Not saying it's perfect, but first time mtm orders never are.
- "Sorry I stepped on your foot buddy, it was an accident. Buy you a coffee to make up for it?" - "Fuck you and your coffee, you're dead to me now." If you ever hurt migsy's feelings, he will never ever forgive you and reject all attempts to make it up to him.
Man, that w+h varsity looks weak compared to toj.
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