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Wait. What's "fidelity rebates". How can I get the shoe for that price?
I ordered another polo. Thanks for restocking. I may get a rugby in the fall.
Any idea when polos will be back in stock? I keep checking.
Everything I want to buy is out of stock. White polo and Dendera zodiac pocket square. I own the white polo in small, but I have gymed my way into a medium in the chest area. Plus, I got it slimmed at a tailor when I bought it. Now I can't seem to put it on. I wish it were a medium weight fabric though like the orange. So comfy.
Oh yeah. Well, I'm in Canada. So there's that.
I stopped in. Got the charcoal trousers with cargo pocket. It's something you always see in GQ, but never in real life. Apparently many other items sold out and a bomber jacket went first says the sales guy. I wanted the wool blazer, but the fit was way too tight in the arms, but right everywhere else. The technical blazer felt cheap and sizing was weird there too. I like camo so the t-shirt was an option, but the colors felt off. Too bright for camo, maybe. I didn't try...
The wide part of the tie should literally be the same width (give or take a pinch) as the widest part of the notch lapel.
Navy. Duh. Edit: To be more helpful. I suggest getting some Dockers Alpha Khaki in olive and blue.
I remember Mont Blanc having a belt with a rose gold buckle. Really nice too. I think rose gold looks fine with silver anyways, but I'd have to see the combination to be certain.
Thank you for your reply. It's run by young guys, but I guess they are just used to adding inches. Though the suits they wear themselves look skin tight.
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