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Looking for a Jean Reco: LVC 1967 505 v LVC 1954 501z Need something on the slimmer side of things since I am a stickly boy (w30). I'm looking at these jeans because they are slim, but not offensively tight as I intend to wear them out to dinner and with sport coats and whatnot. I have no hips so a slim top block fit is a plus. Advice from anyone who has tried both?
assuming you are looking to work in a place that has seasons, I would recommend getting a 3 season fabric so that you can get a lot of mileage out of it.
Good for J. Crew Bad for Blue in Green (?) In a best case scenario, shoppers realize they can get pretty much the same jean at BiG for about $80 less. Let's hope that anyone willing to buy this jean from them is also discerning enough to know that BiG is selling the same product.
any fit pics of the BB Navy blazer?
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 The white dress shirt is tempting but I haven't even received the white oxford I ordered toward the end of December. That's pretty terrible. I was thinking about throwing in a white OCBD, but saw that pretty much everything except the white shirt was out of stock. I am still trying to figure out my sizing in these shirts and don't have the patience to wait for 2-4 weeks to receive a shirt.
FYI: New poplin styles now available. Just ordered 3 of the white poplin shirt, hoping it solves all of my dress shirt needs...
Update on first order: Trousers are immaculate. best damn fitting pants ever. Jacket is off for a press, but out of the box, sleeves, sleeve length, and shoulders all look great. Pics hopefully to follow. Suit Details: 2 Button House Cut Navy #C Swelled edges Slash pocket trousers 2.5" Lapels 2" trouser cuffs Grey MOP buttons A conservative order to start, but it looks SO damn sharp
Oh baby. Just got the Google Checkout email that my very first order has shipped. Countdown begins now...
interested in the first shirt, but would appreciate a more detailed picture of the herringbone pattern you mention. I don't think I've seen that in BF shirt before, so I'm just curious as to how it looks.
sent you a pm
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