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Quote: Originally Posted by Napoleon Does anyone have experience or even real life pictures of this Peacoat? I have an older generation navy blue J.Crew peacoat with flapped pockets (which are still sewn shut) that I'm looking to offload if you're at all interested.
Grey or black?
Definitely bourbon.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roikins "Fuck Kikkoman." I like Yamasa better, and I'm not saying that just because I know the son of the owner. Okay, I am only saying it because of that. In reality, it's fermented soy, so there are different ways and tastes to each sauce, like any fermented beverage we enjoy. There are "microbrew" versions, but the key is finding one that works well with what you're going to eat, sort of like different scotches or gins, or...
A friend of mine recently told me that Kikkoman soy sauce is "terrible". Is there something I should know? Have I been eating the Old El Paso of soy sauces my entire life?
I'd always hated tequila until I tried 1942. Now I know that I only hate shit tequila, and that there is indeed a difference.
Probably gonna grab that white/grey striped oxford just to see.
I'm interested in the Zegna jacket, but how wide are the lapels if you don't mind?
It's not a trend.
Quote: Originally Posted by hamm23 How much should I expect Gap shirts to shrink? I picked up the grey chambray and a flannel, both in a medium but they're a but snug across the chest and shoulders. Should I exchange for larges and wash them in warm water? I bought a madras buttondown over the summer that didn't shrink at all really.
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