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Thanks! The Lowndes were 180 before tax refund. As for the handgrades, I did hear that there is a separate rack with all the handgrades. Unfortunately there were none when I was there on Saturday morning. Heard they go for 250GBP. Was also told sometimes there are other brands which C&Js makes for that go for lower but didn't see any of those either. In fact, the racks for sizes 9 and 9.5 were pretty bare. I almost walked out with nothing but the kind lady there went to...
Just back from a week long trip to London. And of course, I couldn't NOT make the trip to Northampton. Visited Church's, Crockett & Jones and Barker. Tons of great info already on other similar threads so won't repeat them except perhaps an update on the prices. Church's range from 175 to 215 pounds. C&Js were 130 for loafers, 180 for others. Barker Blacks were on promotion i believe and were 130 for shoes and 150 for boots. I think I did extremely well. ...
Looking for Members with experience renting cars in London. I'm making a trip down to London in July and I'd like to go up to both Bicester Village and Northampton. After much consideration (although initially I was against renting a car), it looks like it'll be best for me to rent a car - Barker's Factory outlet is one of my must-go destinations. Personally I don't enjoy dealing with car rental companies but looks like I've no other choice so would appreciate any...
3b: 24L * 10 Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Unregistered Did you specify the last/toe shape for those? I'm really looking at getting a pair of double monks from Zees... Nope, didn't specify any last. But I did say that I wanted it elongated.
After months of wearing. Gotta say, great quality for its price. I love them but I'd agree with mrclam that I'm not sure I'd pay more to get more. Plus, I just can't seem to get over the hideous buckle. Fit is great but note that this is my second pair from zees. First pair is a tad too snug - gives the top of my toe a blister.
Last drops.
Prices include worldwide shipping. Payment by paypal personal preferred please. 1. BNIB Del Toro Plain Black Velvet Slipper US 9 USD 175 ==> USD 165 ==> USD 150 2. Worn once Berk Black Velvet Slippers with Lion Motif UK 9.5 (US 10.5) USD 190 ==> USD 180 ==> USD 165 3. Worn 3x Stubbs & Wootten Brown-based Velvet Slipper US 10 180 ==> USD 170 ==> USD 160
Great looking shoes.
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