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Final drops so went as low as possible on each shoe. Feel free to make your best offer, but please do bear in mind that shipping is from Singapore and it shipping charges alone will around USD 30.
Added a pair of RL wingtips
Somebody please. Subs/seconds preferred for affordability of course!
Quote: Originally Posted by gaffie Hi there! Anyone out there interested in getting the 19.99GBP shoe trees and wanna share shipping costs to Singapore? PM me pls =) You referring to the ones from Herring? If that's the case, you're making me want to order shoes from Herring...ahhh
+1 on not being a coach fan. I'd say if you really want a coach bag, go to the coach factory outlet. You could probably find a similar one for half the price and only then would it be worth the money spent.
Drops. Am also thinking adding a pair of Barker Black Spectators in Brown UK 9. They're lightly used (worn approx. 10 times) and identified as seconds. Starting at USD 275 inclusive int'l shipping. Pm if interested.
Price drop!
Did you guys recently still get them for GBP 75 or the 115 as listed on their website currently?
Quote: Originally Posted by forex I believe this is the same briefcase: http://cgi.ebay.com/NWT-Polo-Ralph-L...item255e5cfce9 You're right Forex, it is indeed the same briefcase as mine. I didn't realize that it was from RL's Purple Label until seeing the eBay link. My briefcase very unfortunately didn't come with the purple dustbag even though I bought mine at the local RL store (they couldn't locate it). I absolutely dig the RL...
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