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Great looking shoes.
In the mail today from Zees. Doing some polishing now..
Quote: Originally Posted by jreigen Pretty lightly worn Peal & Co (C&J?) suede tassel loafers 9.5D for $35 BIN: http://cgi.ebay.com/men-PEAL-CO-shoe...item33639c0078 if only I logged in 7 hours ago...
shoes that I don't need
They'd go perfectly with a pair of kenneth cole shoes. square toes at that.
I've been waiting for the online shop as well. Been visiting the site daily to see if it's up. But no rush guys!
A pair of BROWN RL double monks added. Colour is same as the RL wingtip.
Quote: Originally Posted by cajun22 hi rickymky, i was in your position as well. end up buying kiwi shoe polish from a cobbler. All my dress shoes are using that now, as for my red wing boots, I'm using RW mink oil and for my timberland suede boots, I'm using the timberland suede brush. I'm keen on trying saphir when I get a good pair of dress shoes though. I'm currently considering the C&Js. Unfortunately, they're not available here. I will probably...
Quote: Originally Posted by Edify, Inc Actually, none of the above. I run a shoe repair shop in the shopping centre above City Hall MRT. Hi Edify. Yes that was me at your shop the other day. I actually wanted to reply on my own thread telling everyone that I found a new place with good stuff but you beat me to it by finding me on SF!! I think what you're doing is really great bringing in all those quality stuff to Singapore. Not too sure...
Was considering purchasing online but the huge shipping charges are really making me think twice. Guys in Singapore: there's got to be some place with good shoe polish/wax/cream/whatever right? I would like to see some Saphir but I'm not getting my hopes too high. Probably can't expect much when you struggle to find decent shoes in the first place!
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