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C&J Handgrade Weymouth for Sale These are used - in excellent condition. Pictures of the sole speaks for itself. Worn just a couple of times but just not working out for me. These aren't subs. UK 9.5. Probably perfect for someone with US 10.5 feet. They come complete with the box and shoe bags. Shoetrees not included. Price is GBP 250 shipped anywhere.
Thanks Achilles for the post on the buckles issue. I've contacted C&J as well and they're a real pleasure to deal with. In a bid to contribute, here's my C&J collection. (please excuse the awful photo quality) Top: Weymouth / Lowndes / Cavendish / Unknowns Bottom: Ghillies Adding a Westbourne would complete my C&J wants
May I suggest the LKY be velvet slippers..perhaps with lightning scar mark motif pronxs is suggesting...
I'll wait out for the LKY Owe Ed a long overdue visit..but seriously sickkkkkk shoes Ed!!!
If anyone's looking to get a pair of lightly worn (worn 3 times) Shakespeare II in Redwood Calf in Size UK 9, shoot me a PM. Although I did give good reviews, it's always losing out to my C&J Lowndes in terms of rotation for me... Checked the Herring site and it's not available til sometime October.
Very nice Ed.My Barker Blacks need recrafting!!
Nice burnishing.. although I'll work some navy polish on mine instead. Gotta say..this shade of brown isn't one of my favourite. But it sure fits well. I wear US 10 and UK 9 fits perfectly.
Zees v. Herring. With Flash.
Great write-up, thanks Bourbonbasted.I JUST received my red calf Shakespeare II in the mail. Awesome start to my Monday morning at work. As with the write-up in the link, really pleasant to receive additional goodies with the shoes.While it's no Lowndes, great shoe nonetheless. My first thought was - it reminds me of my dub monks from Zees, which I'm wearing today.Now everyone can afford a fair of nice dub monks. Of course, if you've got the extra cash go for the Lowndes ...
I kopped as well. Will see how these compares with my Lowndes when they arrive on Monday!
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