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Gents - too bright?
Brand new without tag. Tagged Size 2. Waist is 31 inches Length is 35 3/4 inches Rise is 12 1/4 inches Made in USA. Price includes shipping worldwide. Only selling cause I've gained too much weight post purchase. Oh well...
Prices slashed real low. I need space at home!
Serious closet cleaning I need to move these! Note: 1. All shoes are shipped from sunny (now kinda rainy) Singapore with tracking using standard international shipping. 2. Standard international shipping cost is excluded so please add US$35 to all orders. Note: it usually costs more than US$35 to ship to places like the US and Europe but I will take the hit on that. If you're in Asia, then it's US$30. 3. All shoes were cared for with Saphir products. 4. Shoetrees not...
Great seller - I kopped the grey washington and the blue havana and am very pleased. Good luck with the remaining two!
PM sent.
Gentlemen Summary of long story, basically I sold a pair of shoes on eBay and due to delays in shipping which was not in my control, the buyer started a case against me and eBay decided in his favour despite me having provided tracking number and three days after 'forced' refund from my paypal account, tracking clearly shows the shoes were delivered. Contacted buyer and of course, radio silence from him. Call eBay and all they say is I can't appeal for such cases (what...
+1 for seersucker. But I'm a sucker for skulls so have just got this made by my local tailor... 3-roll-2 but wished I had enough cloth for patch pockets.
ONE AND ONLY PRICE DROP --> 285 USD Shipped anywhere.
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