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Awesome thread. Thanks guys. Guess Barker and C&J will definitely be worth a visit some time in future. Hopefully prices don't increase drastically by then.
Just got my order yesterday and am really impressed. Definitely will be ordering more. Thanks SF and Kemal!
Was just in Jakarta a couple of months back and I'm pretty sure there were a few pairs of C&Js there. I believe the shop is called LINEA @ Plaza Indonesia. Think they've got outlets elsewhere too. Both carried a few pairs of C&Js. No AEs though. Can't recall what else they had. They were having a decent sale when I visited (can't recall if C&Js were discounted though). Good luck in finding em shoes.
Very tempting indeed. Planning a trip down to HK in Sept and wasn't looking forward to anything other than the food until I read this thread. Should I head down to both Zee's and Lily's Shoes or just to Zee's straight?
Classic plastic frames for sale. All in excellent condition. They're all my own collection. Used with extreme care when worn. I want to keep them all but I've decided to go for lasik so it's time for me to let them go. Posted just one photo with all cause you can easily find better taken photos just by googling the model. Comes with original case and cloth. Prices are inclusive of worldwide shipping. Left: 1: Paul Smith ps 294 - in dark grey with sky...
if only the barker blacks were a size bigger.....
I own a similar pair of tom fords except mine's called JACK. I seldom wear it cause it seems a tad inappropriate for work. but it's great fun glasses to own and wear once in a while. she looks really good in them (but then she might look better without?) but then i'm korean and like you've mentioned in your B&S thread, those sell like hotcakes back in korea.
..... Thanks
Any laceups!
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