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drool... How did you manage to grab these may I ask?
Quote: Originally Posted by aleeboy I currently live in Singapore. If you've been here, you'd understand why I am asking I share your pain Aleeboy. But are you sure you really want to go all the way to Japan and spend 500 bucks and end up with a pair of loafers that isn't considered top(or mid-)-tier? Might as well spend it on B&S or order online. But I guess if you really want to get a pair in Japan for the sake of it, I'd agree with...
awesome shoes. got the same in brown.
I'll definitely be taking that piss at Felix. Thanks guys. Will post pictures after my visit to Zee's.
Haha good improvisation fishball. Thanks luk-cha will remember to look for the younger Zee. Any particular reason why though? Btw. Any places I should be checking out near Zee's while I'm there?
Burp. Bump for a great fella. You can't go wrong buying stuff from G.
Quote: Originally Posted by jreigen So the green aren't seconds, does that mean the other two are? +1
Sf B&s.
In my 20s and wear tassel loafers from time to time. Really depends on the last as mentioned previously by another member.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball Yes, but better to give them the real size pattern rather than just a photo. Thanks Fishball. I'm all too new to this. Where can I browse and get a real size patterns? I don't think I'm artistic enough to draw my own...
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