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Here we go. Get your hands on a deal. Dropped ---- 285 Shipped. These are as good as new.
Pre-owned Barker Black STRATTON whole cuts. UK9 / US10. Fits TTS. Pls don't ask for measurements. Always kept in shoetrees but shoetrees not included in sale. Price includes shipping worldwide. Payment by paypal personal (+you pay the fees).
Dropped to 400.
No more discount for SFers?
drop - 300 shipped.
Drop on the Brown pair. USD 205 shipped.
Dropped. Pay just USD 310 shipped.
FURTHER DROP TO USD 400. Price includes worldwide shipping. Payment by paypal personal (you pay the paypal fee). Both UK 9 - fits US10 perfectly (medium width). STRATTON in mahogany ARCHDALE in chestnut SOLD Fyi, these have been marked S with a pen on the sole to prevent return. Guaranteed no visible flaws - I can take picture of any part of the shoe you need more details on and send via email. Let me know by PM. Please don't ask for measurements though...If...
2 pairs of very gently (read: rarely) used double monks by Magnanni. Always kept in shoetrees but shoetrees not included in the sale. For just one pair: 1. Black suede - USD 180 shipped 2. Burnished brown - USD 250 shipped *Shipped from Singapore (weak USD + increase in shipping means I can't go any cheaper). Special deal if you get both -- USD 400 shipped. Payment via paypal personal (+ you pay fees). Black suede: Brown:
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