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I love it as well and didn't think twice about keeping it. It was more to agree with the past posts mentioning how the cloth doesn't behave like wool.My only comment would be that the jacket length is shorter than what I am used to - but then again, I chose to order S length so probably my own doing.
Will try to post photos later but I think, in summary, you just can't expect it to behave like wool...
Great timing - I just received my Hudson suit last night using VincentVogan's proxy services. Great communication from start to finish. Highly recommended. I saved quite a pleasing amount - am based in Singapore. Will definitely be using his services again.
I just wanted to give a shout out to @VincentVogan.Lucien (his real name) helped to proxy the Hudson Navy Plain in wool cotton that all talk a week/two weeks ago. Great communication and a top notch guy. I would definitely use his services again (assuming he continues to offer it) and would highly recommend.On the suit itself - agree with the fact that there's something odd about how the material 'falls' but I think it's a keeper.
I am that 'client' VV speaks of and so far communication has been great. Suit scheduled to reach him tomorrow and the said suit is the Navy Hudson that is all the rage right now. Have read all the ups and downs people have posted and I think it would be perfect for me, especially in hot sunny Singapore... fingers crossed.VV - perhaps you could provide your take once it arrives!
Would love to as well. Anyone in Europe willing to proxy?
Both are now SOLD but I have one 34R if anyone is interested?
DROP to US$300 EACH. Includes Worldwide Shipping. One and only drop, Gents.
Whilst I am open to offers, please do PM me reasonable offers. Thanks guys.
Dropped Shipped Worldwide. One and only drop Gents.
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