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MSP to PHX Friday 4/19 at 1730.
Good to see HD back in with a win against morecraft. Either he has improved his ground game by recognizing what to defend, or morecraft's ability just isn't that good. I think it's a mix of both. Also, no surprise on the guillard outcome. Also don't like the Akin announcer guy.
barboza kick, wow.
OSP was a joke. I think I saw one of his last fights, but sloppy as hell. No idea how he went undef.
Hah, I want to see someone step into the hexagon..It'll never happen but I like what he said. [melendez]
Tie 1 and 2, have been wanting for awhile then I got out of the funk. Now I am back on it. Superb set.
ksw 17. Pudzian by decision. Both fighters pretty sloppy [its JT so nothing new there]. But Pudzian needs some serious training.
All i have to say is wow. Really awesome card.
I love Henderson regardless of whatever. He goes in trying to win. No dancing around non sense. And good to see two pride fighters fighting against each other who aren't done yet [see cro-cop, rampage, etc].
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