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I'm afraid I'm all the way up in Canada. Thanks for the tip though. Does anyone have any online leads?
Thanks guys.
If 32 is too short, then just leave the 34s as is.. they probably look better that way.
Quote: Originally Posted by airfrogusmc Big, I think airfrogusmc just delivered it for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by heavyd Charcoal flannel 2 button supressed waist, cap toes, royal collar and bright tie would be my selection for the young, hip chinese guy.... I like how you assumed I'm hip . Thanks for all the advice guys, will be back with updates.
Quote: Originally Posted by CoryB Most will tell you no black suits. I agree, but if you are using this for clubbing rather than business attire than black is fine. I would think 90 percent business. Quote: The best bet is Made-to-Measure because it will be made for your body and will accomodate your size. MTM is pricey though and you will be looking at $1000+. Take a look at ThickAsThievesLA.com. The designer is a forum member...
Hey guys, this is my first post in the regular non-streetwear Men's Clothing forum. I'm a 20 year old university student looking to buy his first suit post his high school graduation suit, and was wondering where I should look-- living in Canada, I basically have the choice between Zara and Holt Renfrew. Zara I'm sure many are familiar with, and Holt Renfrew is a high-end retailer that carries various designers-- I think it might be comparable to Saks/Barney's down in the...
Just depends on the colour of your skin / hair. If you're like me and are on the pale side of oriental Asian, then I'll gladly expand. Otherwise someone else will probably be able to give better advice.
I've heard that the raws only stretch about 0.5" in the waist; I'd imagine that the one wash would be the same.
Thanks for keeping an eye out poly, we're on the same page-- I already PMed him earlier. Peacoats at this location are all gone for now, but I am grabbing a striped hoody.
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