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No, but I'd like to. I emailed them.
Thanks! How's the fit? Do you know how that compares to the Hiro?
Looking for sizing advice: I'm about a 9E in Allen Edmonds 5 last. Recommendations seem to range from 7.5 to 8.5 in Meermin. Thanks! Meermin provided me with measurements but I have no idea how to effectively use them.
Still interesting, because your experience (maybe because you're an E?) is different than what their sizing chart says. Their sizing chart says 43.5 Velasca is a 10.5US, not 10. I'm an E in 5 last as well, so I might have to go with your sizing calculation.
This is really helpful.This is a 8.5UK Velasca vs a 10E AE Park Ave?Interesting - their size chart seems to indicate an 8.5 UK Velasca is a 9.5 US.What Velasca size (i.e. Euro) are they?
Interested in a Velasca review + what size you wear in other brands.
Let me know if you have anything, I need shoes for work. I'm located in Canada.
Anyone looking to get rid of their gently used briefcase/satchel type bag, let me know.
I think I've been wrong about my size -- turns out I'm a Allen Edmonds 9E/EE on the 5 last. I need office/work/etc. shoes -- get at me.
I'm about a 9D. Looking for boots and shoes for office work. Anything other than a brogued black captoe. Cheers.
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