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Still interesting, because your experience (maybe because you're an E?) is different than what their sizing chart says. Their sizing chart says 43.5 Velasca is a 10.5US, not 10. I'm an E in 5 last as well, so I might have to go with your sizing calculation.
This is really helpful.This is a 8.5UK Velasca vs a 10E AE Park Ave?Interesting - their size chart seems to indicate an 8.5 UK Velasca is a 9.5 US.What Velasca size (i.e. Euro) are they?
Interested in a Velasca review + what size you wear in other brands.
Let me know if you have anything, I need shoes for work. I'm located in Canada.
Anyone looking to get rid of their gently used briefcase/satchel type bag, let me know.
I think I've been wrong about my size -- turns out I'm a Allen Edmonds 9E/EE on the 5 last. I need office/work/etc. shoes -- get at me.
I'm about a 9D. Looking for boots and shoes for office work. Anything other than a brogued black captoe. Cheers.
Drake 150? http://www.drakeonefifty.ca/
Would love a review if you've got a pair of Dack's.
Looking good, what tie is that?
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