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Drake 150? http://www.drakeonefifty.ca/
Would love a review if you've got a pair of Dack's.
Looking good, what tie is that?
Can anyone recommend what Spier and Mackay shirts they have (or Rick) that are relatively wrinkle-resistant, or perhaps, what fabrics in general are more wrinkle-resistant? I have this one white shirt with a blue check and spread collar that is significantly more wrinkle-resistant than most, and it's a blessing.
+1. Best place in Toronto, downside is pricey for dim sum.
Suitsupply or Spier & Mackay. The former is in Yorkville and the latter is in Mississauga.
Tien Thanh is great, but I can't say I think Pho Hung lives up to the hype.
What jacket is this? Looks great.
How did they fit?
Thanks all. About the Velascas, I have the same question, how is the sizing? If you could compare it to other brands, or give a measurement, that would be super helpful.
New Posts  All Forums: