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Thank you very much! You wear a 9EE in 5 last I take it?
Asking for help: Do you wear a 9E in AE's 5 last, a 9UK or 9.5UK in Hiro, and/or are you in Toronto? If yes to any, I'd really appreciate your help. I'm trying to figure out my Meermin Hiro size. I wear a 9E in Allen Edmonds' 5 last. Surprisingly I found 8.5UK Hiro to be too small. I'm not sure if 9 UK or 9.5UK would fit. If anyone is in Toronto, it'd be a blessing if perhaps I could try your shoes. Thanks!
I'm trying to figure out my Meermin Hiro size -- anyone around a 9UK , 9.5UK in Hiro willing to let me try their shoes? I recently re-sold to another SFer a pair of 8.5UK's that were too small for me. For the record I wear a 9E in Allen Edmonds' 5 last.
SOLD to a great dude.For any future researchers, they fit the buyer perfectly. The buyer wore a 8.5E in Allen Edmonds, I believe the 5 last. I wear a 9E in the 5 last and they were a bit too small for me.Now I'm left puzzling over if I might fit a 9UK or pehaps even a 9.5UK.
Get at me. Willing to consider trades - shoes, briefcase, etc.
Thoughts on using Filson briefcases while wearing a suit? I am considering a Navy 257.
The 8.5UK HIro was between.5 or 1 size too small for me. If it helps anyone - I'm about a 9E in Allen Edmonds' 5 last.
Open to offers. Would consider trading for a briefcase or shoes. Cheers.
Meermin 8.5UK Dark Brown Hiros. Brand new (tried on indoors, didn't fit me). Asking $250.
Stunning. Probably not deep enough for me, but it would be deep enough for many.
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