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I belive they still use that ad campaign. Next time your at the news stand flip though GQ, Esquire, etc and there's a good chance you'll come across the ad or group of ads.
Friend of a friend forwarded this to me, Zegna sale on Saturday 2/28 in Causeway Bay.
Seconding grey. Would look good with a lot of casual options too.
I've read that the watch over the shirt thing was because his skin had an allergic reaction to the watch metal.
I also grabbed this recently at Page One in Times Square. It looks to be the first issue. It seems interesting enough and it wasn't overly expensive.
Picked up my first shirt from David's in Hong Kong this afternoon.
You might look to Rayban, I know they make a model which is pretty similar to those. Also this particularly style is pretty popular these days and most of the labels out there are making a similar looking pair of sunglasses. If you can, just find your local Sunglass Hut and you can more than likely find something similar.
Hey, I'm a bit of a lurker around these parts but I'm new to HK myself and though I can't make dinner on any of the preposed dates I would be able/would like to meet up for the proposed after dinner drinks and cigars.
I can't really comment on the technical details of the differences but I do have a 3/4 moleskin overcoat which I love. The feel of the material is great and it has a wonderful texture and personally I think that moleskin is more versatile than is velvet. I think it can be used more easily for both casual and 'dressed up' looks. Whereas velvet doesn't work quite as well as an everyday material.
To echo what has already been said, I think it's a good looking coat but it could definitely use some tailoring. My first impressions would be to have the sleeves shortened a bit and maybe have the waist brought in a little. But overall looks like a good find.
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