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Accidentally replied.
New APC ns size 28 I only wore it twice to see how it fits, around 3-4 hours total wear time.
how much looser is a size 29 ns compared to a size 28? i currently have a size 28, and it is skin tight in the thighs, I need some looser jeans. Or should I go with a size 28 rescue? i am a size 30-31 in most jeans.
hi guys, haven't posted in a while, but I am wondering what are the best quality jeans for around $150 or less, and preferably less. I have been using levis 501s for too long and am looking for some better quality jeans. I would like a fit that is similar to 501s, but maybe a little slimmer.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 2 gallons for $10 at bj's not trying to be funny or anything, but what store is bjs? Is that an acronym or the full name?
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector Hypothetically, wouldn't the GDP go up if Congress spends $10000000000 on supplies to expand a war in, let's say..... the Middle East? GDP might be up, but unfortunately, the USA is down. remember gdp is gross domestic product so hypothetically, if congress bought all of its supplies in America and these supplies were made in america, then it would be a good thing because there will a greater...
eminem- stan
Quote: Originally Posted by wahwho11 sorry to ask, but what's with the chest goatse i advise not to look it up
thread needs some pics
Yea the iPhone is great for the things you said you wanted, it is basically a mobile computers. It's greatest assest is it's apps, honestly there is an app for anything you can think of. Btw I am a pc/ anti mac kind of guy, but the iPhone is one of best things out there. P.s. I just wrote this from my iPhone
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