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Accidentally replied.
New APC ns size 28 I only wore it twice to see how it fits, around 3-4 hours total wear time.
how much looser is a size 29 ns compared to a size 28? i currently have a size 28, and it is skin tight in the thighs, I need some looser jeans. Or should I go with a size 28 rescue? i am a size 30-31 in most jeans.
hi guys, haven't posted in a while, but I am wondering what are the best quality jeans for around $150 or less, and preferably less. I have been using levis 501s for too long and am looking for some better quality jeans. I would like a fit that is similar to 501s, but maybe a little slimmer.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 2 gallons for $10 at bj's not trying to be funny or anything, but what store is bjs? Is that an acronym or the full name?
eminem- stan
Quote: Originally Posted by wahwho11 sorry to ask, but what's with the chest goatse i advise not to look it up
thread needs some pics
Yea the iPhone is great for the things you said you wanted, it is basically a mobile computers. It's greatest assest is it's apps, honestly there is an app for anything you can think of. Btw I am a pc/ anti mac kind of guy, but the iPhone is one of best things out there. P.s. I just wrote this from my iPhone
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford All the threads on similar topics are fairly old, so here's my question. I may have to replace my Blackberry Curve. What phone do you guys recommend for social media apps. I spend more time on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google Maps and internet sites like this one than I do making calls. I also use it as my primary personal e-mail device. I'd also like a decent camera. Preferably something available on the AT&T...
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