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stick with the merino. The lambswool quality is pretty shit from what I had seen in store.
Weighing my options on sub $200 jeans (haven't check denim prices for a year or two and the Japanese repro are hitting close to $300 now so no kop for me) APC PS - no leather patch (I know APC is minimalist but ...) - not chainstitched - made in macau? - good fading property the Momotaro x japan blue - chainstitched (probably doesn't matter, it's 39" inseam and I'll most likely...
I can't. It is taking 15% off my "credit card", which is "free". You know what I mean when you are in the cart page.Yoox is always a bitch.
Brand new with tag J. Lindeberg peacoat-style jacket. Bought from Gilt for $200 a week ago, didn't fit me very well (I think it's too long for me) so it's up for sale. pit to pit: 21" sleeve length: 27" (from shoulder seam) front length: 28"
Nope, only for mild winter temperature like around 40s to 50s. Kind of like San Francisco, except it's more humid where I live so it feels colder.
Is it possible to find a jacket/coat that is: - non baller (
nice price on this vanishing elephant desert boot....
Word. $50 international shipping wtf? can do better with the price ?
awesome, kopped some OC boot. Free worldwide delivery!
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