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Jerry: I think that's it. (They play it and see Elaine dancing) Sweet fancy Moses! Kramer: Jerry, she taped over the whole ending! (Brody enters) Brody: Where's the tape? Jerry: Uh, well. It, uh... Brody: Is that it? Kramer: Uh, yeah, yeah. Here it is, Brody. One copy of Cry Cry Again. Brody: How'd it turn out? Kramer + Jerry: Uh... great. Kramer: Although the whole story kinda comes apart at the end...
This thread is sissy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Toiletduck Congrats! looks like a nice pair of legs! Perhaps this would be a suitable complement?
I can't get no...
I nominate a phrase - "the elegant variation."
Quote: Originally Posted by Violinist It amazes me that on an internet forum full of snobs, people are complaining that American Idol is being "brought down" by some guy who can't sing. I actually hope the competition is totally sabotaged by Stern's audience.
Quote: Originally Posted by GameBoy Stern didn't invent - he just supports it. A lot of people do. Even if this 'movement' manages to get Sanjaya through to the end - or even win - the person elected will still be "America's Idol": It's still the popular decision. I didn't mean to imply that Stern invented - I do believe, though, that the Sanjaya effort would not have gained traction without Stern's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Crash was better than Babel, imo. This is like saying that eating garbage is better than eating a cyanide capsule. Babel was horrible.
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz that other disaster called "Crash" Thank you. I hated that movie.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maharlika Yep--the whole thing was staged. The mechanics of marketing and promotion is in full force with this Sanjay. What? The reason Sanjaya is still on the show is because Howard Stern asked his audience to vote for the kid. The producers don't want Sanjaya on the show anymore.
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