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Grey Goose or Belvedere, Fresh Lime, Cointreau, Shaken with lots of ice, and topped with Perrier. The ultimate summer drink.
I know this may seem like a stupid topic, but I just cannot drink Beer. This has often lead to problems is social situations, as there are a often places which serve nothing but Beer, a collection of undrinkable sweet vile wines, or pre mixed 'Alco pops' vis Smirnoff Ice. Somehow I find the taste of beer similar to drain water.. I've tried having several whiskies before leaving the house, to try to mask the taste of the Beer, it doesn't work. Even after 4-5 whiskies, I...
Thanks Manton, the bow came out much better last night. It was'nt too hot, but after dancing etc. it did yet quite sweaty..
Can some one tell me some tips on tieing a better bow tie, mine always come out terrible, perhaps I have an incorrect method, please share your method.
Quote: Quote: (jmswentworth @ July 07 2005,13:16) I have given my request, show your self-respect and dignity if you so desire to have it. If I allowed myself to believe an unreasonable argument or be cowed by intellectual bullying, that might cause my self-respect to erode.  Standing up for reason does not. Think what you will.
I have given my request, show your self-respect and dignity if you so desire to have it.
Quote: dorian: You have no idea where I was or what I was doing on 9/11. I have not been jovial about the attack.  Far from it.  Read my posts on this thread. jmswentworth's argument is absurd.  This notion that all topics are off limits or on, at the discretion of those who claim some superior "connection", is unreasonable and cries out to be discredited. If you have no self respect that is not my problem. What you are doing disrespectful, I...
Quote: JM, I hope that you and your friends and family are all allright. I understand your request, but this is a global issue. not to be very rude on such a harsh day, but the british government and people have been very loose in its relationship with people who have carried out similar attacks in israel. how the west reacts in the face of such attacks directly influences future attacks on other  parts of the world. Yes, but JA and Manton are just...
As requested, just checking in with you guys... In addition, one small request, please stop dissecting the matter guys, I find it quite disgusting, especially considering you are not British... I would not have done so with 9/11
Globetrotter, you bring up very valid points, esp. the nature of the crime, but there is one thing you have not considered in your argument. London nightlife culture differs oh so vastly from the rest of the UK alongside with the binge drinking. For one thing, a blue-collar citizen is not going to go drinking in Central London, be it a nice bar or club, or even a local pub. Therefore, unless you are suggesting that a tourist is going to go out to Hackney for a pint,...
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