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Looking forward to seeing the detail picks!
Quote: Originally Posted by clarinetplayer I just began training with TRX suspension mixed with kettlebells. I did not know what to expect, but, after just a few sessions, I'm loving this. What a great core conditioner. As one person said, it's all abs all the time. (Plus legs and arms.) I like the intensity and the fact that the the brain is exercised, too. One has to think and pay attention--no mindless training on a machine. I know there will be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Snood I just recently bought a groupon to try out Zen Salon for Men. Anyone go here? I go there. They do a pretty good job. I've found pictures help.
I had a pinched nerve that had symptoms like you describe. herniated a disc in my neck, which caused arm tingling (and the ring and pinky finger to tingle as well). I didn't jump on rehabbing it like I should, so I spent about two years getting my tricep and shoulder back to equal strength (and it looks funny) as there was permanent damage to my left tricep nerves. Only about 2/3rds of the muscle responds to the nerve signal now, so it just looks odd. Anyway, the above...
I really like these - but I'd like to see some pictures of boots in the actual flesh, so to speak, rather than the usual images from Wolverine or whoever is selling them. People who own them - post them pics, please!
Quote: Originally Posted by DrPat Cross posted from WAYWT. Home for Christmas. Ironheart Melton Wool Shirt/Jacket Zissou's MTM Chambray Crate vs. Farinelli RM Williams Turnout Claret That's a great look! I hope your family bought you a head for Christmas.
Awesome! Thanks for organizing this, Zissou.
When do the shirts ship to their respective owners?
Chompin' at the bit for my shirt. Pretty stoked.
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