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Anything and everything you could ever want to know about black tie is right here: Check out the site and you'll be able to make an informed decision based on your budget and desire to stay classic or go more contemporary.
I had the same thoughts after seeing the tuxedo online, but I had my 40% off one item coupon (which expires on the 17th) and have been planning to get a tuxedo in the near future, so I stopped by the store to check it out. After talking with the tailor, I am having the center vent closed as part of the alterations and the pockets are trimmed on both sides, so you can have the double-besomed style if you tuck in the flap...not optimal I know, but the flap could probably be...
Cyber Monday Price Drops
Price Drops
Closet cleaning time. I have a number of outerwear pieces up for sale. Rather than go to ebay (Thibault94) I thought I’d post here. Brioni reversible medium weight Eisenhower jacket. The primary exterior is solid tan wool with the inside a cream color with a windowpane pattern, size M. $245 >>> $230>>>SOLD Shoulders 19” Chest 22” Sleeves 24” Length 31” Brioni navy light weight wind breaker. This one is unlined purchased at Neiman Marcus. I bought a large which...
So after another year in the closet, I thought I'd update the post and to do so means another price drop to $1045. It would make a great holiday yourself!
I agree that $400 seems high for JV shoes. I think you can do better if you keep looking. A lot of companies are doing chukka boots in the $250 - $300 range. Check out Zappos, they even have some cheaper JV's listed.
Malin + Goetz eucalyptus
Get to a good tailor and have the sleeves fitted. They should then be able to add buttons. You can get functioning button holes as well since you're starting from scratch.
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